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Posted on Apr 12th 2018 under Marketing Strategy

Content marketing has become all the rage.  With the right content on your website or in your blogs you can pull visitors from Facebook, YouTube, Google and other social media platforms. Great content can help with search engine optimization and inbound marketing.

The only problem with this whole concept is that your competitors may know the value of content marketing too. So, if they are constantly adding new material to their blogs and social feeds, yours has to be really special and make your business stand out.  How can you do that?  Here are four tips to give searchers and customers what they are looking for and improve the quality and effectiveness of your content marketing campaigns…


  1. Target Buyers, Influencers, and Keywords

Some marketers tend to confuse content marketing with actual search engine optimization. While the two do overlap, your content marketing campaigns should be about more than keywords and search terms stuffed into the content.  Think about who you are trying to lure. Of course you want decision-makers. But, you also need to target what are called “influencers” who help decision makers make their decisions. Write your content in a manner that appeals to both groups.  Make sure your search words target both. This will give your website a wider appeal.


  1. Use Different Types of Content with Overlapping Themes

You have probably heard or read that everyone learns in a different way. Some people are visual people while other like to hear things rather than see things. Knowing this, it is important to appeal to different types of people by varying your content.  This means, you can’t just write blogs.  You need to use videos, photos, infographics and surveys. Use many different types of posts with a variety of different formats.


  1. Combine Shorter and Longer Pieces of Content

Just as some people like to watch videos and some like to read, some visitors to your sites will be in a hurry to get specific information they are looking for while others might linger around in your site looking for who knows what.  You can do a good job of capturing both groups by having both short and long pieces of content on your website. Whether its text, video, or something else, give searchers a variety of options and let them choose the answer that fits. Not everyone has the same level of interest, commitment, or knowledge at any given period of time, so it only makes sense to set up your content marketing in a way that's convenient for all your prospects.


  1. Build Layers of Engagement and Qualification

No matter how great your content is, some people will be driven to your site but not make any purchases or create any type of engagement. Create alternate methods to keep in touch with these visitors. You could implement a button that says, “Sign Up For Our Newsletter” or, “Join Our Mailing List”, “Sign Up To Receive Special Sales Announcements”. Anything to keep you in communications with a visitor. If they came to your site, there was some level of interest. With multiple layers of engagement and qualification in place, searchers can find your site, get the information they want and return when they are ready to buy or you might convince them to buy in a subsequent contact such as emailing a notice about upcoming specials. Just make sure you have a “next step” for them on your website or social media page.

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