Posted on: August 8th, 2017

Facebook is huge, is the biggest and the most influential social network in the world – on June 27, 2017, it hit the 2 billion monthly users milestone.

What does this mean? This means that one in three humans are using Facebook and we can translate this into a more connected world, new communities, new opportunities, and challenges.

From an optional splurge to a necessary investment, with such an incredible user base, ignoring Facebook is not an option, especially if you own a business and you are looking to increase your customer base. Keeping up with Facebook’s constant changes and learning how to make this platform work to your advantage is crucial. It’s surprising how many limousine businesses don’t have a dedicated Facebook business page.

With these things in mind, we’ve gathered an in-depth guide to Facebook marketing strategy to correlate your company’s social efforts with real benefits. We are using our own Facebook page as a source of inspiration.

First step: setup your Facebook page

If you are looking to increase your business, build brand awareness, increase customer loyalty, and grow sales using Facebook, the first thing you need to do is to create a Facebook Page for your company. You can setup your brand’s Facebook Page in a matter of minutes, using your computer or a mobile device. Go to, click to choose a Page category, select a specific category from the drop-down menu, fill out the required information, click Get Started, and then follow the instructions.

Step 1


  • Take a look at your competitors’ Facebook pages. Check out what are they doing to show their personality online, how relevant are they, how often are they posting or how they are engaging their followers.

Once your page is created, you can move forward with the next steps.

Facebook page checklist

Add a profile picture

Give your Facebook page an identity. Choose a profile picture that represents your business – for example, use the logo of your company. The more people will see it, the more they will recognize the image and will associate it with your company. This photo will appear on your followers’ news feed every time you post something new, on your page’s Timeline at every post, in the comment section when you reply to a comment on your page or another Facebook page or profile.

Remember that your cover photo is like the first impression, and you never get the second chance to make a good first impression.

step 2


  • Upload a square image; if you choose a rectangular one, it will be cropped.
  • Choose a high-resolution image – 500 x 500 px.
  • Stay up to date with Facebook updates regarding picture dimensions and play by the rules.

Add a cover photo

The cover photo is meant to capture the attention of your Facebook followers. We recommend to use a strong marketing message on your cover photo and change the image constantly to highlight interesting things about your business – USP, Call to Action, promotions, offers, new products/services launch.

step 3


  • The cover image must be at least 399 px wide and 150 px tall.
  • Get creative and find a visual balance between the Profile picture and the Cover photo.
  • Use a video in the cover section and make your page more spectacular.

Complete the About section

Facebook is not only about photos. Tell people about your business in the dedicated section, so that visitors can easily understand what your business is about, what products or services you offer, and what makes you unique! Insert your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and be as concise and helpful as possible.

Craft a longer description in the Story section.

step 4


  • Complete every field you can.
  • Insert your website address, contact details, payment methods, mission, values, program.
  • Add company milestones.
  • Showcase some of your services or products.

step 5
Add a CTA button

Drive more traffic to your website directly from your Facebook page with the Call-To-Action button. Customize the CTA on the button according to your needs.

step 7

Publish your first post

Before sharing your Facebook page, make it more engaging with high-quality content. Be useful, use images, infographics, videos, share blog posts, tell your story.

step 6

Build your Facebook community

Now that you have your Facebook business page all set up, it’s time to grow your community. Are you tempted to share your new page with your Facebook friends? Not so fast! Here are some tips for growing your Facebook community from the moment your business page goes live.

Leverage your client base

Let your existing customers know that you are on Facebook from now on. Reach out to them and convince them to Like your Page, rate your page/services, interact with your content. If you already have a strong email list, then things should be easy. Send a newsletter and inform your current customers they can stay up to date with your latest news, products, services release, and promotions on your Facebook page. Include a link to your Facebook page in the email, and you can add a Facebook icon with a link to the page on future emails, too.

Give incentives

You can turn people into Facebook fans rapidly if you offer them something interesting in exchange. You can give them a discount, for example, and create a compelling visual to promote this offer on social media (including your fresh Facebook page) and other channels: website, email.

Run a contest

People are competitive, and they love “games”. Run a contest on your Facebook page and promote it on other channels.

Create compelling content

Content is king. With great content, you will attract and retain new Facebook followers, and from now on we can even talk about new customers. Your audience wants high-quality, valuable, shareable, original and effective content. Here are the most popular content types on Facebook guaranteed to engage the users:

  • Text posts – texts less than 250 characters have a good engagement on Facebook. They are a little outdated, but are great when you want to make a quick announcement.
  • Photos – images create the biggest engagement on Facebook, not to mention that they are so easy to create and to adapt according to your brand’s identity. Instead of using a simple text to make an announcement, you can write the text over an interesting photo.

step 8

  • Videos – are the greatest engaging form of content on Facebook nowadays. Billions of videos are watched and shared every day via Facebook. Facebook auto plays videos on your fans news feeds so make sure you create something engaging to catch your follower’s attention.

Facebook post ideas

Here are some good Facebook posting ideas and best practices for the limousine industry.

  • Present your products/services – make sure you present your limo services on Facebook in an engaging way – maybe an interesting photo, a video or a story. Make sure you couple the post with a strong Call to Action and drive followers to a page on your website.

Step 9

  • Share valuable content from others – you can partner up with influencers in your industry to increase the engagement on your Facebook page.

Step 10

  • Link to content from your blog – if you create content on your blog on a regular basis, then include your blog posts in your Facebook marketing strategy.

Step 11


If you’ve covered all these, you’ve done the first step into a successful Facebook marketing strategy for your limousine company. Be prepared to learn new things about Facebook, to apply them, to make mistakes and also learn from them.

Benefit from a Professional Service

Not having the time or skills to apply this strategy to your brand or company does not mean you need to miss out on all the advantages Facebook offers if used wisely. Our social media strategies have the capability of revolutionizing your business. Our professionals understand the ins and outs of the limousine industry and they come up solutions to help limousine companies leverage the power of the social networks to generate leads and business opportunities.

Contact us today for more information about our limousine marketing social media programs.


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