Creating a Powerful Press Release

Posted on Jul 27th 2015 under Press & Media

If you need a great press release as part of limo marketing, there is a very specific format to follow. Following are seven proven tips to make your press release highly effective.

  1. No One Cares - A great mental exercise when writing a press release as part of limousine marketing is to imagine that no one cares. By looking at it this way, you are forced to find an intriguing angle that will make people care. People make the mistake of writing a press release for how they want it to read rather than considering what potential customers will find interesting.
  1. Stay Focused on the Goal - Remember, a press release is not designed to make bosses happy about sharing information on a small product or service development that will never be covered by a reporter. Instead, this should be a purposeful document with vital information that quickly gets the attention of a reporter. Not only do you want a press release read, you want a reporter to contact you to learn more.
  1. Press Release Styles - When it comes to using a press release as part of your limousine marketing, there are two primary styles: "do" and "applaud." Either your company did something and you want to brag or something the company or someone within the company did is being applauded. Prior to writing a press release or having one written, think about the type you want to share.
  1. Single Page - Another mistake is creating a press release that takes up two or three pages. Your press release should fit on one 8.5×11-inch page and consist of short paragraphs with no more than four lines. Remember, a press release is a teaser, so rather than share too much, it should be used to lure people in to learn more.
  1. Contact Listing - For the template, always list the contact name, phone number, and email address at the top. Often, people will list the company CEO, but unless this is the individual a reporter should contact, don't include his or her name. Only the actual contact person's information should be included.
  1. Direct Headline - Keep the headline of the press release simple and to the point. A reporter wants to know right away what the product or service is about, which can be depicted in a clean and to-the-point headline.
  1. Long Game - By creating a straightforward press release, journalists gain a better understanding of the way you conduct business. They will also view you as serious, upfront, and honest.


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