Why should customers book your limo services ?

Posted on Apr 26th 2016 under Limo Marketing Tips

People make buying decisions on both logical and emotional levels. When you are talking to them, it’s easy to see their logical requirements, but uncovering their emotional requirements and selling to those needs will give your customers a clear reason to choose you over the competition.

Virtually every person who is looking for a limo business has this question in their mind. To truly maximize your revenues, you need give people a reason to book with you versus a competitor.

First, it's important to understand that people make their buying decision on two levels — logical and emotional. The logical aspect revolves around the service and includes such things as service specifications, large or small, black or white, environmental friendly, insurance. Anything directly associated with the service is a logical need.

The second buying motivator and, perhaps the most powerful, is the emotional aspect of the sale. These criteria are the less tangible needs and include feelings of success, relief, pride, joy, fear and concern. For example, a person booking a limo ride will have specific logical needs such as: style and color. But, ultimately, the emotional aspect of how they will feel and look in that ride will influence that person's buying decision.

To uncover your customer’s emotional buying requirement, learn to ask, "What are you looking for in a limo ride?" followed by "Why is that important to you?" The first question helps you learn the logical need while the second question will help the customer express the emotional reasons behind their purchase.

Unfortunately, many sales representatives have a tendency to leap into a service "demonstration" before they have learned what is important to the customer. Invest the time accurately and thoroughly learn your customer's need and wants. This will help you to begin differentiating yourself from your competitor.

The next step is to give a presentation that focuses on the customer's needs. Rather than discuss everything about your service, focus first on what the customer identified as being important. This demonstrates that you listened to what they said and will help you separate yourself more effectively.

When presenting your service ensure you discuss the benefits as well as the features. The feature is "what it is" and the benefit is "what it means to the customer." A great way to phrase this is to say, "Our SUV can fit up 8 passengers (this is a feature of the vehicle) which means your guests will spend less time on the road, more time at the actual event, all together (benefit)." This addresses the customer's emotional buying needs which means there is a greater likelihood they will buy from you versus a competitor.

People also make buying decisions based on their overall experience so try to offer impeccable customer service and train all your staff to manage and adjust impeccable as well to the contingencies.

Other influencing factors:

#Ease of business

Are you easy to do business with or do I, as a customer, have to jump through hoops to change a booking? Are you well staffed or do you reduce your costs by scheduling a skeleton staff at any given time?

# Staff accessibility and attitude

Is your team friendly and well trained in customer service procedures? Do they exhibit the mentality that the customer is important and comes first or do they spend their time gossiping and gabbing? Do they eagerly help the customer or do they wait for customers to come ask them for water or a newspaper?

# Service selection and availability

Be flexible, adjust to your customer needs, show them that if you do not have the solution for them you are ready to design one just to make them satisfied. If it's a large corporate account, it will be worth it.

# Cleanliness and layout

Is your fleet clean, tidy and visually appealing? No one will choose a car that doesn't smell clean, look clean and feel clean, let alone a vehicle that has all sorts of inappropriate sounds when the engine starts.

Lastly, equip your team with the attitude they need to properly do their job. Take advantage of the training sessions and let your chauffeurs know that they are a very important aspect of your business, invest in the on-going development of your people, and help them be different from other chauffeurs out there. There are limo businesses who invest a great deal in their employees and others who spend a bare minimum. The difference in their overall results is always significant.

Today's business environment is more challenging and competitive than ever before, which means you need to give people a clear reason to do business with you rather than someone else.

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