Cut Corners on Service and You Will Lose Customers

There were only three grocery stores in the new neighborhood where Karen just moved. She went to the one closest to her home and looked the most attractive. When she made her first trip there and began loading groceries on to the conveyor belt, she began to notice the odd behavior of the cashier. The whole check-out process seemed to take longer than normal because the cashier seemed distracted and disinterested. On several occasions, she would scan an item and then look at something under the counter.

When she glanced over the counter, Karen found that the cashier was using her cell phone while checking out the groceries. Karen began to regret her decision to shop there based on her impression of the employee, and consequently, her confidence in the store lowered significantly. She then made the decision to try one of the other stores in the area the next time she went grocery shopping.

This example of terrible service is also a big wake-up call for any employees in any company. The right time to cut corners when it comes to providing service is NEVER. There are many more options available for customers and they will seek them out. More than ever now is the time to ensure you are doing everything possible to bolster your customers' buying choices.

7 Ways to Instill Customer Confidence

  1. Never let your customers think you have better things to do than serving them.

Regardless of your job title, the one and only reason you are at work is your customers. If you didn't have them, you would not have a job.

  1. Show your customers you are taking ownership of service by using the right language.

Make sure your customers know that *YOU* know it is your responsibility to assist them with their requests.

  1. Reassure your customers.

Repeat and confirm the customer's details they've given you so they are assured you understand their needs.

  1. Keep customers posted

Customers place more trust in companies where the employees keep them up-to-date with their orders or requests. Stay in contact with your customers so they can be updated promptly.

  1. Always keep a professional image.

This means more than wearing nice clothes. You also need to consider your actions, speech and body language.

  1. Give customers your full attention.

Customers will assume that they don't really matter to you is you seem too busy or distracted to listen carefully to them. Their next step will be to find a business that has employees who will treat them with respect and value the customer.

  1. Ask your customers for feedback on how your business can improve its service.

Always encourage your customers to give ideas and suggestions. They will then feel a greater connection to your company.

Your customers want assurance that by choosing to spend their hard-earnt money on your products and services, they are making the right decision. If your actions give them any doubt, they will most likely take their business and money to one of your competitors.

The way you interact with your customers and manage their expectations is continually evolving in the wake of developing technologies. These new technologies and marketing techniques are now being integrated to reach prospects and customers through multiple channels, delivering strong marketing presence and improved communications for DriveProfit's chauffeured service and limousine company clients. Contact DriveProfit today for more information about our limousine marketing services.

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Posted on Apr 03 2018

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Cut Corners on Service and You Will Lose Customers



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