Before reading this article, take a few minutes and ask yourself these questions: if your limo brand was a person, what type of person would it be? Would it be a woman or a man, would it be old or young, dynamic or lazy?

Start to look for the personality behind your business. This is what your potential customers are looking for. Keep this in mind when developing your brand strategy for your limo business.

Jeff Bezos, the famous founder of one of the worlds' most trusted brands –  Amazon, once said: "Your brand is what people say about you when you are not there" and he is perfectly right. It's been a long time since we've last approached the subject of branding on DriveProfit's blog. So, let's recap: what is branding and why it is so important for the limo industry?

A Brand Is More Than A Logo

The fact is, many business owners associate the term "brand" with huge, global companies.

Your brand is more than a color palette, a logo, a slogan. No matter how clichéd this may sound, your brand is your story; it is what makes you unique and meaningful to people you've already made a promise to — your customers or potential customers.

In the limo industry, we talk a lot about experiences, and we can easily assume that your brand is the experience you deliver and you are an important part of that experience.

How to Build Your Limo Brand

In the competitive industry of ground transportation, is crucial to think outside the box and come up with creative and original stories to communicate with your audience. A good brand will always clearly deliver the main message and the emotions to its potential customers. Let your brand be your voice.

How would you like to make your customers feel about your brand? Here are some tips to build your brand with personality:

  • Define the personality of your brand

Now the questions at the beginning of the article make sense, right? Align those human traits you have associated with your brand with your business values and emotions you want to deliver to craft your brand promise. You brand value should be your strongest selling idea and reflect your Unique Selling Proposition.

According to a study revealed by Jennifer L. Aaker of Stanford — Dimensions of Brand Personality, there are five key dimensions of brand personality: Sincerity, Excitement, Competence, Sophistication, Ruggedness. Do all these five elements of brand personality apply to your limo brand? If not, we have the solutions.

  • Audit your brand

It is important for you to understand where your brand is positioned in the marketplace. Does the market respond to your message and experiences you deliver? This step is very important as it helps you stand out from other competing limo companies. When doing your brand audit, be sincere and think about the following facts:

  • the USP — Unique Selling Proposition
  • the value you offer (from your customers' perspective)
  • emotional benefits for customers
  • your brand's promises to customers
  • your brand's story

In the ground transportation industry, the brand is not only the vehicles you offer; it is about the experiences you offer! Only after a clear evaluation of your brand, you can start creating its story to express the right message. Everyone has a story to tell. Yours is unique. Make it count!

Remember that your brand should convince potential customers to choose your services and even pay more for them. Your brand is what sets you apart from your competitors in the very, very competitive and ever-changing ground transportation industry.

Developing a great brand is an art. With more than 30 years of experience, the team of marketing professionals at DriveProfit are always busy coming up with innovative ideas to create unique brands for all our clients in the ground transportation industry. Our marketing programs are designed to encourage people to focus on your brand.

For more information, contact DriveProfit today!

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Posted on Sep 12 2017

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