Desperately Seeking Sales? Managing Leads Through the Sales Funnel into Customers

How has business been lately at your limousine company? If you are in desperate need of sales, the problem might be that you aren't devoting sufficient resources to managing limo leads through the sales funnel.

As you know, the top of your sales funnel is the largest, with so many different types of people first encountering your company thanks to your branding and limo marketing efforts. You aren't filtering anyone out at this point, but you will need to start organizing the information about potential customers as they journey from the top of the funnel to the middle.

At this point, individuals become sales leads, but their quality and level of interest still remains to be assessed. With nurturing, you will slowly but surely guide these leads to the bottom of the funnel to become actual customers.

Keep in mind that on average, companies that start using marketing automation software achieve an increase in revenue of at least 10 percent within the first six to nine months, according to Gartner Research statistics cited by a recent article at Hubspot.

Implementing automated lead management software will help you target those customers who have the biggest motivation to purchase limousine services in your area. You don't want your sales team to waste time on leads that really have no interest in buying, noted a recent article at Entrepreneurial Insights.

With marketing automation software, you'll be able to quickly evaluate the leads that are coming in, ranking them in order of importance, and sorting them into different segments. Some leads will require more time and attention than others, especially when you are trying to drum up more B2B customers.

If you don't sort out the higher priority leads, your sales department will be spinning its wheels, expending too much effort on contacting people who really are not going to qualify as interested leads. Once you train the sales team how to identify the most valuable leads, they will work more efficiently and should get more success as they follow up.

The customer relationship management application you use will help the sales team keep track of each potential customer. They'll see when the customer first made contact with you and how they found your company (for example, via a print ad, a referral from a satisfied customer or an update on your company's Facebook page).

Then, you may send out emails inviting some of the leads to visit your sales page. Other leads who responded to a message about pricing may be more receptive to your next communication that offers them a coupon for a discount or free upgrade if they click the link in the email.

A succession of email messages will guide the recipients further down the sales funnel. Each version of your email messages, along with the statistics about open rates, bounce rates, click-through rates and so on will be collected through marketing automation software for further analysis by you and your marketing team.

All the limousine marketing that you do is designed to bring in more leads on a regular basis. You will make use of a variety of marketing channels to get the word out, from traditional offline printed materials to digital communications via websites, social media posts, extensive email campaigns, blog posts and more.

When you see how paying more attention to the leads as they move through your sales funnel can result in more loyal customers for your limousine services, you'll wish you had implemented marketing automation software much earlier!

DriveProfit's senior marketing team has more than three decades of marketing experience and specializes in developing marketing programs for operators in the chauffeured transportation industry. If your limo marketing efforts are not getting the results you’d like to see, our team is standing by to help you boost your ROI. For details, please contact the professionals at DriveProfit today at 203.426.7780 or email us at

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Posted on Jul 01 2015

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Desperately Seeking Sales? Managing Leads Through the Sales Funnel into Customers



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