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Posted on Feb 23rd 2017 under Marketing Tips

Remember the days when you had to use a pen to complete credit card applications, tax forms, DMV paperwork and just about any other form?  Remember when you had to have a #2 pencil or a pen with black or blue ink?  Today, almost everything is done online and it has changed everything.  You want a huge example of “digital disruption”?  Think about the taxi and the hotel industry.  Uber and Airbnb turned their world upside down.

The bottom line is, as impersonal as it is for doing business, people don’t want to talk to people to do business anymore.  They want to get online using their phone, their tablet or their computer, place an order, pay for the order and obtain the product or service.  Small businesses who lack an IT professional, a marketing and web development company, such as Drive Profit, are going to find themselves out of the game soon.

Just looking at the progress of Airbnb and their development over the past nine years is a good indicator of how lucrative online business can be.  In that short time, Airbnb has become more valuable than Hilton Hotels and Hyatt Hotels combined!  Those brands are institutions in the hotel world.

Digitizing your product or service is an absolute must.  You can’t wait any longer.  The companies that implement online technology will emerge as the winners of this technology race.  You must be able to accept orders online and allow for payment at the same time within the website or application.

If you think about how people do business today, it starts with a Google search.  Let’s pause for a moment to think about search engines of the past.  Remember Alta Vista?  Ask Jeeves?  Remember when Yahoo was the king of search engines?  There will always be someone better at the game so, be that someone!  Once a consumer finds a Google listing that appeals to them, they navigate to it looking to conduct business.  If they are using a smartphone or tablet, your website needs to display properly on those devices or they will click the back button and move to the next company.

If they don’t start with a Google search, they start with a review site such as Yelp, or Google+ to look for a reputable company so make sure you monitor your reviews and respond to negative reviews.  This is more digital disruption when someone puts you on blast for bad service or a bad experience.  Encourage your clients to post positive reviews about your company.  Customer postings reviews of your company can boost your search engine rankings and you need to be at the top of those search results to get the click-thru.

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