Doing Your Own Digital Marketing: Pros and Cons

One of the biggest questions for business owners considering digital marketing nowadays is whether to invest in developing an in-house online marketing team or outsourcing this channel to an agency. Content marketing, SEO, PPC, web design, social media management — there are so many aspects of digital marketing you have to consider.

Many companies think that they can do their digital marketing in-house. As someone who is deeply involved in your business (I mean YOU because, let's admit it, who is more involved in the company's development than you) you know that digital marketing is essential to growing your business.

An effective marketing strategy can make the difference between a successful company and failure, no matter what brilliant idea lies at the basis of your business.

Doing in-house marketing for your business, without involvement from external professionals or agencies, is unlike any other job.

Online marketing is not just about posting on social media channels; it is all about strategies, tools, resources, money and time. You have to keep up with the innovative and progressive tactics to accomplish your business goals. That is why, the debate between doing in-house vs. outsourced digital marketing can be tough as there are many factors to consider: costs, time, efficiency.

This article explores the pros and cons of doing your own digital marketing in-house. How to keep up with all these tactics and how you can do it successfully to grow your business? Let's find out!

In-house Marketing Pros

Industry, Business and Product/ Service Knowledge

This is the biggest advantage of developing an in-house marketing team. Who knows your industry, your business and the products and services you promote better than you and your team? Knowing the company's deepest secrets, your team will develop an instinct about your business's values, mission and beliefs and the marketing strategy and the results will reflect that as for your in-house marketing team your business is the single client.

Full-time Dedication

Your in-house marketing team will invest all the time, energy and resources on your brand, as opposed to an outsourced marketing agency where marketers work on different jobs for brands activating in various industries.

Consistency and Control

As long as you have an in-house marketing team, the marketing strategy will develop along with your business. Your team knows not only your business's needs but also the needs of your potential customers and knows how to act accordingly.

Having an in-house marketing team allows you to control everything and even make last minute changes to your marketing strategies when needed without losing time or making big mistakes due to miscommunication.

In-house Marketing Cons

Higher Costs

Many business owners think that an in-house marketing team will lower the costs as there is no third party involved in the marketing strategy, no bureaucracy, no extra costs so they can invest more in their advertising rather than outsourcing the marketing services. On the other hand, there are many other costs involved in developing an in-house team — investments in specialized training and courses, in technology, data research, marketing tools.

Untrained Professionals

A significant disadvantage of in-house marketing is that sometimes marketers are overwhelmed by their daily activities and routines that they miss important trends. Don't forget that digital marketing is continuously changing, growing and evolving. To develop your business, you have to keep up with the latest trends. In-house marketing teams are unlikely to share the same experience and skills as marketers in agencies which mean you will have to outsource specific skills (e.g. content writing, graphic design, email marketing, website development).

Lack of Objectivity

What seems to be a significant advantage, having your own in-house marketing team comes up with a big disadvantage – a lack of objectivity that can sometimes add a lack of creativity. As your in-house team is deeply involved in the business, it will be difficult to come up with out-of-the box ideas that most of the time lead to brilliant marketing campaigns.

The decision to work with an in-house marketing team or to outsource to a marketing agency depends on your long-term business goals. Think about what works best for your business. No matter what you chose, the key to success is to work with dedicated, skilled and creative people that will point your business in the direction you desire.

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Posted on Jul 18 2017

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Doing Your Own Digital Marketing: Pros and Cons



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