Does Your Limo Website Need to Be Redesigned?

Posted on Mar 30th 2015 under Limo Marketing Tips

When did you create the website for your limousine company? Did you make it during the early days of the Internet and now have a site that looks embarrassingly outdated or lacking in the basics of modern websites? 

Or, do you have a somewhat serviceable site but know that it's not working as effectively as it should be to promote your ground transportation services? Perhaps it is time to redesign your website.

One way to understand the importance of an effective website is to think about what happens when you do research for something on the Internet and are interested in learning about what a certain company is offering online. 

For example, you have a choice between two similar companies (at least according to your initial quick impression). Wouldn't you stick with a website that loads quicker and is easier to navigate compared to one that takes forever to load (giant images or perhaps even some dreadful audio files that auto-play as soon as the site opens)? 

A poorly designed website that doesn't take visitors' needs into account can destroy your credibility and slow your business to a crawl as people jump over to a rival's website to get what they want. In fact, as many as 75 percent of people visiting websites will make judgments about a company's credibility simply because of how the site was designed, according to a recent article at Savvy Panda. It noted that visitors can form an impression of a company's website in a mere half-second upon loading the page.

Even more telling is the statistic that 85 percent of business-to-business customers will take to the web before they decide where to throw their business. A corporate transportation manager viewing your poorly designed website isn't going to stick around when there are more promising companies to engage chauffeured transportation services.

You are in the limousine business but your strongest skills may not have much to do with limo marketing as compared to your abilities in logistics and providing excellent service. If your website is hindering your business (ask trusted friends, family and non-competing colleagues to visit and judge your site if you aren't yet sure), clearly it is time to bring in some professionals to clean it up or revamp it.

DriveProfit's experts bring more than 30 years in travel and limousine marketing and we know what it takes to build engaging websites to help companies turn prospects into qualified leads. For more information on evaluating your website and redesigning it to boost your bottom line, please contact DriveProfit today at 203.426.7780 or email us at

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