Dominating Your Competition Online with Local SEO

Posted on Nov 11th 2015 under Marketing Strategy

Let’s get one thing clear from the get-go: SEO is a long-term, back-end solution for driving traffic to your site. It takes time to develop the reputation to get good rankings, and the game is not easy to play. This is why we always recommend that you have a solid promotional email plan in place as you build your SEO rankings. All that said, you can’t let SEO fall by the wayside, because when that back-end does kick in, your limo marketing dollars will go a lot further.

So here are a few things you can do to dominate with local SEO.

  1. Get familiar with local search terms.

One sure-fire way to optimize local results in a search is to use terms in your content that are likely to be searched by people looking for your business. If your business operates near a local airport, you want to seed your copy with general keywords like "airport limo" and "airport shuttle." But you want to be more specific as well. A few effective variations would be things like:

JFK limo
Limo to JFK

Limo services to JFK

Limo to JFK

  1. Use organic keywords.

What many people don’t realize is that you can make your keywords sound more organic by adding words like "to." When someone searches "Limo services JFK" your page is likely to show up even if the phrase on the page is "limo services to and from JFK." Google is more concerned with the order of the words than it is whether each one flows together. If you’re skeptical, just try it yourself. Enter a search term that would sound funny in an article, like Limo JFK. Results for "limo to JFK" and the like will pop right up.

Some marketers will actually seed their copy with phrases like "If you’re looking for a limo JFK, AAA Limo is your best choice." For starters, no one is looking for a "limo JFK," though, so why would you even put that in your copy? Google and the other engines are growing smarter to this tactic by the day, as well, so doing it could actually hurt your search results in the long run.

  1. Create local pages.

It is helpful to have a page for every city or locale that you serve, but beware of duplicate content. If you are going to have multiple pages for the same service, you need to be willing to go off-script and offer relevant content. The best way to do that is to write small, informational articles or descriptions about the places you serve, with one or two mentions about the business and a call to action to contact you added to each. Make the pages about the fun they’re going to have where they’re going, and tell them how using your service will add to their enjoyment. Remember, this is about your customers, so keep the copy relevant and interesting for them.

These three ideas are sure to boost your local SEO ratings, but don’t be neglectful of other areas of optimization, or your efforts will more than likely fall flat. Be smart and have a good overall strategy in place on every page.

The DriveProfit Advantage

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