Guest Blog Post — Jim Luff from Chosen Payments |Don't be the one to drop the ball by failing to communicate properly

Posted on May 26th 2016 under Marketing Tips

Whether you are communicating your thoughts, your plan of action or details of a particular job, running a business requires clear and concise communication among the members of your team.

In most businesses, business doesn't stop simply because we have turned off the lights and locked the door at 5pm. Anything can change between today and the time the doors are unlocked again in the morning. Implementing good communications between staff members is important in the continuity of customer service. In the event that a team member becomes sick or injured, there must be at least one other person who knows about your customer's needs and plans. Failure to communicate information could be disastrous and disrupt the plans of your client or cause an unnecessary need to bring someone up to speed. It is important to share client details with more than just team members involved.

Things to consider sharing include what is being worked on, who you are working with, what has been done, what needs to be done, and who is going to get it done. Other staff members should be able to knowledgeably carry on the plan without the other. In the event you lose a member of your team for a few days due to illness, business still goes on and everyone is always on the same page through communications that may appear to exceed what is necessary. It is better to have a team serving clients rather than a single person in the company and team communications is the key to success.

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