Don't Make these Errors When Redesigning Your Limo Company's Website

Posted on Apr 30th 2015 under Limo Marketing Tips

You cannot expect your limousine company's website to last forever. As a dynamic marketing partner that works on your behalf 24/7/365, your limousine marketing website needs to be upgraded periodically. 

You'll want to make changes whenever you have a major change in your service offerings (such as if you switch from proms and tourism to road shows and regular corporate shuttle service). You'll also need to change the site every so often to take advantage of the latest website design best practices or to otherwise meet the needs of your customer base and potential customers.

Limousine companies can get bogged down with some common mistakes when redesigning their websites. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you make changes to your limo business website, whether you are handling this task in-house or having a professional website designer take care of it for you.

Lack of Strategy

It's possible that you set up your website many years ago, knowing only that you had to develop an online presence and that it was important for your business in terms of exposure and helping to convert promising leads into loyal riders.

It's not uncommon for ground transportation service firm owners to jump into the online world without formulating a strategy to keep their website fresh, useful and interesting to visitors, noted a recent post at Savvy Panda

If you build your website without a strategy, it would be like trying to assemble a limousine without having plans from the engineering and design department.

You should set aside some time and brainstorm, coming up with a list of goals for your website. If you don't establish concrete goals now, how will you know what to change or fix or what to add to your site? 

You'll get the best return on your investment if you first establish who your audience is and the most important things that you want to communicate to them.

Content is Amateurish

It's fine to produce content for your limo company's website if you know what you are doing. Do you have experience writing marketing copy? Are you aware of the best colors to attract people's attention and put them in a mood to buy?

Just because someone on your staff enjoys creative writing, for example, it doesn't mean that is the best person to write for the website. Amateurish content is easy to spot. While it might make you seem a bit "folksy" and down to earth if you draft blog posts yourself, it's best to leave such writing to professionals. 

Not only will you be assured that the copy will be optimized for search engines, you will also be able to rely on the material coming in on a regular basis. It is easy for one of your team members to blow a blog post deadline because he or she was focused on work in the accounting department or putting out a fire in customer service.

No Plans to Continue Improving Site

There's not much of a point in redesigning your chauffeured transportation services firm's website if you don't have specific plans to continue improving it on an ongoing basis. For example, how well is it doing to bring customers down the sales funnel? You might need to rewrite the pages on your site that have to do with your fleet, your sales information or your customer service page.

Your website designer may suggest that you create two versions of the landing page, for example, and then test the reactions of two groups of people so you can compare the results.

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