Don't Wait For Clients to Leave to Find Out They're Unhappy

Posted on Mar 6th 2015 under Customer Satisfaction

How closely do you pay attention to the number of bookings a particular client makes, or how often they call you to arrange for chauffeured services? Prudent limousine company owners know how important it is to keep an eye on the big picture and how well their bottom line is conforming to current business objectives. At the same time, you don't want to take your valuable customers for granted and lose sight of the amount of business they are sending your way on a regular basis.

You can address some of these issues by studying patterns and reports from your customer relationship management application. This is one way you can "listen" to your customers and possibly determine areas where you might need to focus more attention, such as according to ZIP code or the type of industries your clients cluster in.

For more actionable information, however, you need to set up a system to get feedback from your customers. A problem with trying to do this by yourself is that as your ground transportation services firm grows in size and scope, it will be impractical to contact them on your own to see how you are doing.

With an automated customer satisfaction survey product, you can quickly detect patterns showing whether your corporate travel managers, executives and business travelers are impressed or displeased by the service you provide. This data enables you to quickly make adjustments until you see improvements not only in the number of bookings, but the number of repeat customers.

If you lack an awareness of how happy your customers are with your limousine services and where you may need to make some changes, it's time to get started collecting information. It's easy to get the ball rolling with customized customer satisfaction survey questions using RearViews from DriveProfit.

The senior marketing professionals at DriveProfit each have more than two decades of experience assisting chauffeured services firms in finding out what their customers want and think. For more information on the benefits of using customer surveys or to get started with your own feedback program, please contact DriveProfit today.

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