The most effective ways to Generate Repeat, Loyal Customers for your Limo Business

Posted on Mar 22nd 2016 under Customer Loyalty

We don't have to tell you how important repeat loyal customers are to your success. New customers are great, but what’s even better is repeat customers. They become your business’s advocates that drive new customers your way, and book your rides you again and again.

Turning one-time riders into loyal ones and your limo business advocates can have a huge impact on your success. Not only will you be generating their business again and again, but these loyal customers are likely to refer and spread the word about your limo business to their like-minded friends. This equals newer customers that you can then turn into loyal riders and so the cycle continues. But just how do you accomplish this? Well the foundation is providing a great service, with a positive customer experience. But there are specific activities you can do, that can further bolster your likelihood of creating true business advocates.

Request feedback

When done right, asking for feedback can be exactly what you need to keep people engaged and interested in your services. One of the ways you can use a survey, is to get people interested in something new you have coming up. You may send a survey to gauge interest in a new package of services or you can send a survey designed to improve the effectiveness of your other marketing efforts. By involving your audience you'll have a higher response rate when you're finally ready to promote a new service.

Based on the results, they can come up with special offers on services to help address common problems, or create content and share it with fans and followers on social media channels.

Create an email newsletter

This probably isn't the first time you've gotten the advice to start an email newsletter. There's a reason for that: newsletters work. With a regularly scheduled newsletter, you have the chance to stay top-of-mind with the people who already know your business. It's effective because you're reaching them in the place they're already going every day, the inbox. People do business with people that they know, like, and trust. By sending a newsletter with helpful information and advice, you'll have a chance to build the loyalty and trust you need to keep customers and clients coming back, and avoid losing them to the competition.

Try a Facebook social media promotion

If you're already using sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest to promote your limo business, you know how valuable they can be for staying in-touch with your audience. But when it comes to turning those online interactions into new business, that's when things get a little tricky. One of the ways you can do that is to run a special promotion, targeted at engaging your audience and getting them to take action. Separate from your everyday scheduled posts, these promotions are designed to give your audience something they can act on right away.

Create a share-worthy offer

Creating a share-worthy offer starts with understanding the needs of your audience, and coming up with something based on those needs to help you reach your goals. Consider these three questions when creating your offer:

What does your most loyal customer want or need?

What type of incentive has inspired this customer to take action in the past?

What is it about your limo business that would make this person want to refer you to a friend?

By focusing on these questions first, you'll have a better chance of getting people to pay attention and act on the offers you send out, because you'll be giving them something that they are interested in.

Whether you're trying to attract new customers or build relationships with current customers all of the tools you're using to market your business need to work together. Create a plan to bring new customers back again and again, and get the helpful information you need to succeed!

The DriveProfit Advantage

The senior marketing team at DriveProfit has the limo marketing experience and knowledge necessary to help you develop effective limousine marketing programs geared specifically toward the chauffeured ground transportation industry. If you are launching a new limousine marketing campaign, or are not satisfied with the results you are getting from your current efforts, our team is here to help. To learn more, please contact Pat at DriveProfit today at 203-426-7780, or email us at

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