Email Marketing that Drives Results

If you are looking for a reliable manner of driving leads and sales to your chauffeured transportation business or limousine business, email marketing is a proven method. In fact, in the luxury travel market, email marketing is one of the top ways of driving new and return business through your door. The median email marketing return on investment is 122%, according to a study from eMarketer. Those are the kind of results that your business can use to attract new clients to your limousine service year round. However, just sending emails is not enough to get 122% ROI. You need to work with an expert in the business to plan an email marketing strategy.


1. Examine Your Metrics

Starting with your current list of clientele and website visitors, you should sit down and analyze your data. Part of a successful email campaign is to know who, how and why. Who are your best customers and prospects? How do they find you? Why do they choose your company over a competitor? You can segregate data into various groups to determine who to market to and how best to reach them with your new campaign.


2. Know Your Customers

There are several ways to get to know your customers better, but one way is a short survey. Ask customers why they choose your service and what they hope to get out of using it. With enough information, you can create personas of the best customers for you to pursue. The persona will dig deep into their needs, wants and habits to help you understand the best way to approach finding new leads and improving return business.


3. Segmenting Contact Lists

Not every customer or lead needs the same service from you. Perhaps you have one service that picks clients up from the airport and another one that chauffeurs them around for a full day of business meetings. It is clear that a client might use just one or both of these services, but each service fulfills a different type of needs. You can create two email contact lists for marketing each service. While the lists may have overlap, if a client is only interested in airport pickups, they won’t be bombarded by other emails that are not very relevant to their needs.


4. Send Targeted Emails

The best sort of email marketing focuses on sending out emails that are targeted towards specific prospects and customers due to their actions or interests. Using the example above, if a prospect contacts your company for a quote on airport limousine service, you would send them emails focused on that topic. Additionally, targeting people who have not moved forward with a booking is another targeted mailing example. Also, if your company has a way to track prospects as they move from page to page on your website, you can match your emails to the interests of potential customers.


5. Monitor Your Results

Like any marketing plan, you can only improve on what you can measure and examine. Therefore, it is important to track the results of all of your emails to see what works, what doesn’t work, and what can be improved. In many cases, experts can tell you that just tweaking text copy, images or even timing of the email can make a difference in your ROI.


Email marketing is not rocket science, but it does take an expert to maximize effectiveness and efficiency, while keeping your budget reasonable. Having a marketer who is familiar with your industry is always a plus because marketers, like our experts here at DriveProfit, can hone in on how best to work with you to improve your results.


To learn more about how to improve your current email marketing plan, or to start from scratch with email marketing for chauffeured transportation services, contact us at DriveProfit.

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Posted on Jul 11 2018

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Email Marketing that Drives Results



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