Facebook is continuously updating its News Feed algorithm. In the months to come, Facebook will roll out a change meant to offer its users a better experience. The biggest social media network will soon favor links to websites that load fast and will lower visibility for slow loading websites. So, is your website ready to handle this update since it will negatively impact those pages whose links load slowly? Are the stories you share on social media relevant enough to appear higher in your Facebook followers' news feeds?

Facebook offers some useful insights, so let's check them together and let's see what DriveProfit can do for your business.

As we all know, it is frustrating to click on a link that leads to a page that is loading slowly and we tend to abandon the website quickly, right? In case you are wondering why your limousine business is not getting the number of customers you would like to, imagine that the same things happen to those clicking on a Facebook link leading them to a page on your website that is loading very slowly — they abandon the site.

Maybe you are wondering how Facebook will measure all this data. The social network will gather relevant data from its mobile app since more and more people are using it. Factors such as network connection, device type, and general speed of the corresponding webpage loading from the mobile app will be taken into account and will be used to estimate how low or how high will that story appear in people's news feeds:

"Factors such as the person's current network connection and the general speed of the corresponding web page will be considered. If signals indicate the web page will load quickly, the link to that web page might appear higher in your feed," Facebook engineers Jiayi Wen and Shengbo Guo announced in the official blog post.

More than that, if users are on a slower Internet connection, Facebook will show them relevant stories that will upload faster, such as images, status updates.

How can we help you improve your website's loading time?

Facebook's algorithm will gradually roll out during the coming months, so you have enough time to optimize your website's content for mobile devices. You will not see immediate changes on your business Facebook page, but your business will have to suffer if you don't improve your website.

We are here to help you provide a better mobile experience for your followers on Facebook and grow your business through this huge social platform.

  1. We can evaluate your website performance on mobile

With more and more people connecting to website more often from mobile devices, smartphones or tablets, responsive design is no longer a trend, is a necessity. Consumers, even in the limousine industry, rely more on smartphones to shop for the services they need, and business owners should take this into account. Remember that your limo website is your best sales tools, but if it is loading slowly, then it isn't effective.

With a continuously growing number of mobile devices and all these Facebook changes, it is important to take a look at the entire experience you are offering to your possible customers online.

From functionality to content and broken links, there are many factors causing your business to lose both traffic and conversions.

The design of your website, its content and functionality must offer your customers a better and different experience than your competitors.

Let us evaluate your website, and we will deliver the best solutions you need to win online.

  1. We can optimize to improve your website's loading time

Facebook released a best-practices guide to improve mobile site performance so let our team at DriveProfit recode your current website, or create a new one according to your needsĀ  so that your business will take advantage of the latest techniques.

We have the experience and knowledge to help you develop excellent marketing programs geared toward the chauffeured ground transportation industry.

Are you interested in learning more about our website services? Please contact DriveProfit today.

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Posted on Aug 15 2017

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