Five Key Benefits to E-Mail Marketing

Whether you are reaching out to existing clients or new leads, email marketing offers some serious bang for your marketing bucks.

Since the dawn of time, there has always been a businessman trying to get the attention of prospective customers or to keep existing customers informed. Fortunately, with improvements in the world of technology, there are always new ways to reach out to larger audiences to grab their attention. In the digital age, it has run the gamut from websites to social media to search engine marketing to mobile apps. However, one marketing tool has stood the test of time while providing some of the best (and most verifiable) returns on investment possible.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the humble e-mail.

What's so great about an e-mail you say? Sure, you may get hundreds of marketing e-mails a day offering you amazing savings and incomparable values but do you pay attention to them? Probably not and who blames you. The majority of marketing e-mails that are sent are often created from stale templates with canned, generic content that are really nothing more than throwing as much of a certain substance on the wall to see what sticks! However, a properly designed, implemented, and targeted e-mail marketing campaign can reap benefits in both the short and long term.

A basic search of the internet will provide you with lists upon lists of the reasons why e-mail marketing is beneficial for business but here are the five reasons you should be making e-mail marketing a very large piece in your overall strategy:

  1. Over 90% of people who make $75,000 or more like to receive promotional emails from companies they do business with — Discerning consumers, whether in the private or commercial marketplaces, want to hear from the businesses whose services and products they like an use regularly. Additionally, using your email marketing to educate your customers as well as inform them of upcoming promotional offerings will often make them advocates for your company as well. Which leads us to the #2 reason….
  2. E-mail marketing is still the top lead generation tool for B2B marketers — People may share social media posts but who doesn't? People may share a link for a blog post they read but unless it is easily done most will forget. People do share compelling e-mails they have received, especially when there is a share function built into the e-mail they wish to share. Conversely, when people receive an e-mail that is shared with them by someone who they trust they are more likely to open the email and read it.
  3. Learn what works and what doesn't through data — One of the great benefits of e-mail marketing is that you can see what information you share motivates your current and potential clients. A properly designed e-mail will provide the ability, when combined with the use of Google Analytics, to see not only what the e-mail recipient clicked on to visit your website but also what they looked at on your website. Additionally, you can also see what sales are generated and be able to determine a more accurate ROI which will allow you to spend your marketing dollars more wisely.
  4. E-mail puts you in your customers pocket — According to the blog, 2 in 5 consumers use their smartphones to check email while on the go and over 45% use their smartphones to keep on top of email campaigns. If your clients are on the go and their smartphone is the main piece of their mobile office, an email campaign is a great way to keep your clients engaged.
  5. E-mail allows you to not only extend the reach of your brand but also to strengthen it — Simply sending emails is better than doing nothing but sending emails that look random can diminish your overall brand. By creating a branded look while utilizing a custom template that offers a unified look along with your website and other marketing materials, you help to create and maintain a brand image that will resonate with people while increasing their confidence in your company.
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Posted on Oct 16 2018

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Five Key Benefits to E-Mail Marketing



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