Guest Blog Post — Jim Luff from Chosen Payments | Five Online Marketing Trends for 2017

Posted on Jan 26th 2017 under inbound marketing

As we begin a new year, many people make predictions.  From the prediction of who will win the Super Bowl to who will win an Oscar.  There are also the important issues of politics, sports and the economy.  Here are five predictions about online marketing in 2017.

#1 Mobile Computing

The growth of mobile computing has been steadily increasing for the past several years.  The use of broadband equipped devices is on the rise as we become a nation of connectivity.  If your website is not responsive to mobile-phone use with local search terms to help buyers find you on the go, you're missing out on connecting with thousands of potential new clients.

#2 AI and Advanced Logic Algorithms

Being at the top of Google search results isn't just about keywords and links anymore. Search engines are using artificial intelligence and advanced logic algorithms to "read" websites and figure out their topical relevance. A person searching might find your site even if they don't look for any text that can be found on your pages. That's going to revolutionize SEO even more than the Penguin and Panda algorithm updates did.

#3 Video Marketing

Text has been great for getting social media use started.  Photos have been great in the past for drawing in readers but if you really want people to tune it to your messages, videos will be a must.  Think of it like being able to produce and share your own television commercial – but, for free!  Nothing beats the power of video. A short, well-designed video and help you explain your product and services features, answer FAQs, and spread customer testimonials. Best of all, advances in editing software allow you to produce professional-grade videos from a Smartphone, tablet, or webcam.

#4 Inbound Sales Funnels

The old model of internet marketing was based on driving as many people as you could to your website and hope they would become a customer.  Today, businesses are getting smarter. They're using sales funnels that guide visitors from one research step of product or services to the next, with the end result being a completed transaction. Shoppers love taking their time, having the ability to have all of their questions answered about the purchase from an online site.

#5 All-in-One CRMs

Along with the growth of the sales funnels, websites have created an all-in-one customer relationship management system. The web-based platforms of today let businesses manage lots of activities from one convenient portal. You can add to blogs, send emails newsletters or tweets to those who visit your site.  Collecting data from website visitors takes the tedious task of mining for information and makes it a much more simple process.

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