Five solid reasons to believe in social media marketing

Even though it feels like forever, social media has only been in existence for a little more than a decade. In this time though, social media has gone from being an optional splurge to a mandatory investment.

However, the effectiveness and ROI of social media are constantly questioned by skeptics who aren't able to correlate a company or brand's social efforts with real business benefits. Despite the availability of analytics tools to measure social media marketing's effectiveness, some businesses remain conservative when investing in this digital channel.

Five solid reasons to believe in social media marketing

  1. It gives you instant and free access to prospects/target groups (You can locate and converse with just about anybody on any number of social channels right now.)
  2. Social media referrals have become a substantial piece of the traffic driven to many websites to become actionable leads and prospects
  3. When managed properly, social media marketing can reduce your overall marketing costs
  4. Most of your social media efforts are measurable and there is a plethora of tools available to help you understand the analytics
  5. The feedback cycle on social media content is relatively short, so you can test, review and refine marketing strategies quickly — it is a very good example of "agile marketing".

These benefits are well within your reach, provided you master social media management. Managing multiple social accounts can seem tricky, since it's continuous and on multiple platforms.

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Posted on May 24 2017

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Five solid reasons to believe in social media marketing



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