Four Questions You Must Ask to Understand Your Best Limousine Customers

Posted on Nov 3rd 2015 under Customer Relationships

You don't want to squander your limousine marketing and branding budget when reaching out to potential customers for your business. Some research is required so you can better understand your current loyal customers and what services they truly require from you.

When you know why one segment of customers is so eager to give you their business on a regular basis, you will have the information you need to reach out to other potential customers and win more business. Here are four questions to ask so you can better understand your ideal limousine customers

  1. What's the Best Way to Meet Customers' Service Requirements?

Make a list of your top 10 or 25 customers (depending on how much time and resources you have) and then ask them what challenges they're trying to overcome to see how you can meet their needs. What type of service do they wish you offered now? The results might surprise you and could influence the types of service you provide.

Consider offering them some kind of incentive to respond to your questions, such as a discount on their next ride or some other kind of service upgrade. After all, you should reward your busy customers for giving you their time and attention.

  1. Who Benefits the Most from Your Ground Transportation Services?

The short answer to this question should not be "everybody," noted a recent article at Indispensable Marketing. That might seem a bit counter-intuitive, but in actuality, you can't expect to prosper if you think you can market your services to everyone equally. Instead, you need to develop comprehensive descriptions of your most valuable customers.

  1. Why Are Customers Giving You Their Business?

When you know why loyal customers continue to rely on you for their rides, you will have a better sense of what kind of limousine marketing approach to take. Doing so helps you retain them as well as attract the attention of similar customers who have yet to try out your services.

  1. What Characteristics Do Your Customers Share?

Building a profile of your most valuable customers enables you to see what characteristics they hold in common. Details to keep track of include their industry, company size and the types of service they typically request.

You are sitting on a treasure trove in the form of information you've compiled on your most valuable customers. From seeing what characteristics they share to learning why they continue to give you business instead of going with a competitor, you can apply these details to your limousine marketing efforts and start driving more customers your way.

Finally, there is one more piece of advice:  don't make assumptions about what your customer's think, rather, actually ask them the questions directly.  I think you will find that, in many cases, you will unearth interesting ideas and different approaches to take.

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