Framing Your Limousine Marketing for B2B Campaigns

No matter who your target customer is, you will want to organize and prioritize your limo marketing efforts to get the best return on your investment. This is particularly true when it comes to marketing B2B limousine services in your market. B2B marketing to reach out to corporate travel managers and other corporate buyers generally takes more time than marketing to individual consumers, since they have bigger financial and career repercussions to consider.

If you have decided to expand your business by reaching out to more corporate and business travel customers, you may not yet have a good B2B marketing plan in place. If this is the case, you might find it useful to partner with a team of marketing professionals who know their way around the chauffeured transportation services industry.

A good framework for limousine marketing to other businesses involves two aspects (liking and knowing). This framework is designed to encourage potential customers to get to know you and once they do, discover that what you have to offer. The more a prospect knows more and the more they like about your company, the more likely they will be to call you when they are ready to buy services.

Knowing You

During the Knowing You phase, your goal is to get the word out about your limousine company and the unique services you offer. One important tool to promote your company and services during the knowing phase is Adwords, which you use to put your company's name in front of more people searching for limousines in your market segment. 

Take advantage of all your social media channels to promote your company as well as offer useful information about the industry to your followers. Blog posts that help corporate travelers and executives do their jobs more effectively will keep you front of mind when the time comes to book rides to the airport or convention center later in the year.

Liking You

During the Liking You phase, it's useful to consider two limousine companies that may seem to be offering relatively the same types of services. Between your company and a rival, the decision a B2B customer makes will depend largely on whether he likes you or the competitor more.

Getting more B2B companies to like you and therefore be more inclined to order service from you instead of from another business involves presenting yourself as a trustworthy company that people can depend on to get them to their destinations on time, every time. It's also a good idea to give B2B customers something valuable, such as a free white paper to download or a newsletter with useful articles about the local business climate.


B2B limousine marketing requires plenty of time, patience and creative thinking, especially if you are in a very competitive market with many competitors. Helping corporate buyers get to know you and then form a favorable impression about your services makes for a robust framework from which to launch your limo marketing campaigns.

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Posted on Oct 11 2015

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Framing Your Limousine Marketing for B2B Campaigns



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