Guest Blog Post — Jim Luff from Chosen Payments | Getting The Best Website Means Hiring The Best Website Developer

Posted on Feb 9th 2017 under website traffic

What does “the best” mean?  It means a great experience for website visitors.  It means easy navigation, collection of visitor data and an easy way to conduct business with your company.  It means an easy to find "Contact Us" section if the visitor should want additional information.

When shopping for a developer, there are four red flags that suggest you’re about to hire someone who can’t or won’t give you what you need:

#1 They Quote a Ridiculous Fee

A web design fee that's either much higher or lower than expected can be problematic. On the one hand, you don't want to be so stressed out over invoices and charges that you can't get the web presence you need to help your company grow. And on the other hand, an unbelievably-low web design fee is a sign that the creative teams lacks experience or won't be spending much time on your project.

#2 They Have a Very Mixed Track Record

Few businesses have perfect reviews and glowing testimonials. That's especially true in web design, where personalities and creative instincts can clash. Looking at the big picture, your creative team should have a roster of past clients who are happy to say good things about their work. If they don't, that could be a sign their commitment to service is lacking.

#3 They Don't Know What You Do, and Won't Find Out

No two websites should ever the same, because they need to be built for different companies and match your unique needs and your own target market. If a web designer or team seems to rush through the “discovery process”, ask yourself whether they can truly be expected to create an online home for your company that's going to strike a chord with new and existing customers if they don’t really take the time to learn your business, your values and your business goals.

#4 They Don't Give A Plan For Your Website

There was a time when you could launch a website and watch the visits or sales come rolling in. That isn’t the case anymore.  The plan to promote your website is every bit as important as the design itself. Your creative team should let you know how they can help you get your new web presence up and running, listed by the search engines and ensure you'll get a good ROI from your work.

Web design can be a quirky and subjective. What looks great to one designer or client can seem less impressive to another, and finding the right creative team is as much about matching personalities as it is skills and quotes. Pay attention to these four warnings, though, because they can keep you from ending up with something your are not completely satisfied with.

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