Getting the Jump on a Competitor that Offers Lower Prices

Posted on Sep 18th 2015 under Limo Marketing Tips

Sometimes you have to deal with a new competitor who has come on the scene with the intention of stealing market share from you by beating you on price. Or, an old rival you've been scrapping with for years now has suddenly shifted their limousine marketing approach, trying to undercut you in a calculated way to drive your loyal customers into their arms.

The success of your limousine marketing program will depend largely on the quality of the relationships you establish with customers. If you don't compete on price, you have a number of other differences to highlight as you strengthen ties with loyal riders.

Consider Lowering Your Own Prices

If your business model can support lowering prices, that's always an option to explore, and may not be one that you have given serious consideration to before. If you do decide to compete on cost, you will need to study the competitor and match him for every offered service.

Boost Your Service Offerings

You might need to add some newer vehicles to your fleet, to begin with. If you haven't upgraded cars in a while, see how it will work to budget some new vehicles so you can offer more to customers looking for the latest in style and comfort for their chauffeured trips.

Maybe there are companies in your area that could use a corporate shuttle service because they want to offer perks to employees and avoid expanding their parking lot to accommodate a spate of new hires. Or, perhaps you can augment your retail packages. The sky is the limit in terms of new service you can offer.

Make Life Easier for Customers

Structure your limo marketing so that you show the many ways in which your team makes things easier for customers. For example, you may guarantee on-time pickups and drop offs at the airport, since you have a savvy team that is always thinking of logistics and contingency plans. They monitor weather conditions as well as roadwork and other possible obstacles to ensure riders get to their destinations promptly and safely.

Get the Word Out About Your Changes!

Of course, some of your customers will find out about the changes you are making during the course of conducting routine business with you. However, you don't want to be passive. Ramp up your limo marketing efforts to showcase the improvements.

Take to social media, updating the company's Facebook page or tweeting about changes, whether you are offering a new pricing structure or enhanced services. Make announcements in the blog on limo websites, in a press release and in your newsletter for maximum exposure.

Remember that just because a competitor is trying to come at you with reduce prices, you don't have to reciprocate. Instead of charging less, use your limo marketing to show loyal customers the benefits of staying with your company, such as your advanced technology (you do have a great, responsive limo website, don't you?) superior service, exemplary safety record and endorsements from your many satisfied passengers.

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