Getting the Most out of Customer Feedback

Posted on May 7th 2015 under Customer Relationships


Customer feedback is a tool that more limousine companies should use on a consistent basis. While it's true that you can run a successful business without paying attention to feedback, it's likely you won't be able to keep the venture going very long if you ignore the wishes of your customers.

Good feedback will help you fine-tune your service offerings as well as determine the best approach for your limousine marketing campaigns.

Reviews come from a variety of sources, noted a recent article at KISSmetrics, so you should your eyes open. Set up a free Google Alert so you will automatically be emailed whenever someone posts something that mentions keywords related to your company (the company name, service area and so on).

When the reviews appear in social media, be aware that although these posts seem ephemeral, they can be easily retrieved when people browse or search for a limo company in your city.

Go through the reviews, taking note of recurring topics or phrases. For example, if you see many reviews that praise your chauffeurs but are unhappy with the vehicles in the fleet, this could be an important warning that you need to bring in some better cars or tighten up your maintenance procedures as soon as possible.

Another source of reviews that many limousine company owners seem to forget are those intended for their competitors.

Make a point of reviewing all the reviews your rivals have been racking up. Just as you do with your own firm's reviews, keep an eye out for key phrases that indicate the customer wished something was offered. If feedback indicates your local rival seems to snub high school kids in search of a stylish limo for their prom, for example, you can take this information and use it to go after this neglected category of customers.

Check your own website, such as in a forum or in comments on the blog to see the latest feedback as well. Explicitly ask for feedback too. "Is there some other service you want offered but don't see on our site? We want to help. Please contact Customer Service and let us know your wishes."

See if your customers wished that you offered a service that isn't mentioned on the site. You probably would be able to arrange it, even if you didn't list in your services page. 

For example, you might have set up your website before you started doing corporate shuttle work. You didn't have as large of a fleet as you do today, and then you never upgraded the website. Customers who want to use your business to haul their employees to and from the job every day might go to a rival if you don't realize in time that you should list the missing service. Feedback can help you in ways you never expected.

Solicit feedback wherever possible. If your blog isn't getting much traffic, ask readers on a regular basis to send in their requests for blog post topics for you to cover.

DriveProfit's limo marketing experts have decades of experience helping limousine companies extend their brand and harness the power of positive reviews. We've seen that you must give equal attention to good and bad reviews, and in a timely manner. For more information on using reviews for your limo business, please contact DriveProfit today at 203-426-7780 or email us at

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