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Posted on Apr 11th 2017 under Marketing Tips

Technology has change the way we communicate over the last 15 years, both with businesses and each other. The internet, and in particular the connected smartphone, have transformed the way we work, the way we interact and even what we think of when we talk about a friend. Today, a friend can be someone on social media who we have never met, and yet we may interact with them every day. Social media itself has changed not just what we think of as friends, but how information spreads. 'Going Viral' is a phrase that now has meaning, where something spreads right across the world in almost an instant, reaching millions of people in seconds and entering into conversations in multiple countries at once, if only for a brief time.

That speed of communication, the way word of mouth can send a message across borders to vast numbers so quickly, makes the social media platforms a marketer's dream, but they can also be a nightmare. For those unable to master the social media platforms, and there is huge competition to do so making it incredibly difficult, obtaining brand visibility can be extremely difficult if not impossible, especially if competitors have significant social media presence. This is because research shows us that when we spend time on the internet, 20% of it is spent using social media. That doesn't mean just Facebook, although it is easy to focus on that alone, social media platforms that generate huge user numbers also include Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, TripAdvisor, Pinterest and several others, and all are useful for establishing that online foothold for business.

Managing a social media presence across multiple platforms takes time, and most operators just do not have the time to properly manage a coherent, coordinated social media strategy for themselves, in fact social media management is a full time job in itself. However, while some may think that is wasted money, they would be wrong, major companies spend millions on maintaining a social media presence because it pays them back tenfold in the long term, it's a great marketing tool for any business.

Not having the skills or time to do it yourself does not mean you have to miss out on the advantages though, DriveProfit have a range of social media packages that will bring you all the advantages of social media presence and coherent online strategy while you get on with the important job of running your business.

Benefit from a professional service

Not everyone understands how to approach social media or even why they should, and there is nothing wrong with that. We are all happy to call in a mechanic or electrician, accountant or lawyer for specialized tasks, social media strategy is just such a task, and the ability to leverage social media presence across multiple platforms to significantly advantage a business is a valuable skill.

There are many benefits to having a professional service for your social media strategy, including:

  • You have more time for other aspects of your business
  • You get curated, value added content that engages your readers, every time
  • Your social media posts will be made by people who truly understand the medium
  • All posts will be relevant to the industry and follow current trends

DriveProfit offer the best performing social media packages available today, with superior results and a competitive price we can help you grow your social media presence into a revenue generating machine!

Our social media service is divided into three different but comprehensive packages, all at highly competitive prices. Each one will provide you with the online audience growth and increased interest and engagement across multiple platforms that your business needs to thrive in the modern market.

Choosing the plan that is right for you is easy, just look what they offer!

  1. The Content is King Plan
  • 2 posts per day on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn — Posts are designed to give readers value, add engagement and be targeted to your audience's interests. These are carefully constructed posts that always provide the right content to keep your audience returning, we know what your audience wants!
  • 2 Posts per week on Instagram — Instagram is the one that people find most challenging, as it is a platform that transformed anyone with a phone into a photographer. Transforming that into an effective online strategy requires finesse, and our curated, highly relevant images are guaranteed to grab your audience's attention quickly!
  • One blog post written every month — Great content is the key to a successful blog, and we provide professionally written, short posts of up to 500 words that engage with your audience's interests, either for posting on your own blog or through submission to relevant online publications as a guest post.

This comprehensive, effective package costs just $297 per month! Not only is that great value compared to the competition, it is even better value compared to the benefits in growth and audience your business will see.

  1. The Growth Plan
  • The Daily Plan — One unique post per day on both Facebook and Twitter, curated by experts who spend a lot of time ensuring each post is relevant to your audience and highly engaging.
  • Facebook Campaign — Getting started in social media can be difficult as the market today is very crowded, and this is even worse if you are not sure what you should be doing! We use both organic and paid reach to ensure you see growth and results. You will get a $35 budget included in the package to get you started.
  • Facebook Ads — If you are looking to drive traffic to your web page, fan page or offer, there is no better way available today that through the use of targeted Facebook ads. Instead of your audience stumbling onto your page, you can direct them to precisely the destination you want and the content they see. This service includes multiple ads, split testing, campaign monitoring and optimization, along with a $35 budget to start.
  • High Quality Blog Post every month — Long form blog posts, professionally written and keyword focused, with highly engaging, relevant content are the best way to impress readers of your blog, it is content that brings them back. Created by skilled content specialists, these high quality posts with relevant images and links not only look great, they give your audience what they are looking for, every time.

The Growth Package is perfect for getting your social media presence off to a flying start, and at just $297 per month, you don't have to be a multinational to afford it!

  1. The Network Builder Plan: The Daily Plan with added LinkedIn!
  • The Daily Plan — One unique post per day on both Facebook and Twitter, curated by experts who spend a lot of time ensuring each post is relevant to your audience and highly engaging.
  • Twitter Network Builder — With over 300 Million active daily users, Twitter is an essential part of any social media strategy. The Twitter Network Builder provides three tweets or @ replies each day, seven days a week for maximum audience awareness. Not only that, but retweets and mentions are all responded to promptly, and DriveProfit will follow up to 400 users each month. These can be your audience, competitors or partners, based on the leverage they bring to your campaign.
  • Facebook Like Boost — Facebook pages can be incredibly powerful, but many businesses fail to make the most out of them. With our Facebook Like Boost your business does not have to be one of them, it will grow your fan base and increase reach significantly. The included $35 budget will provide a real world example of the potential of this service for your business.

This comprehensive package has been incredibly popular at the highly competitive price of $366 per month, but to make a great offer even better, we are able to present the package to you at an exclusive and incredible $297 per month!

Social media is a relatively new phenomenon, to get the best from these platforms requires a real understanding of the way the systems work and the audiences respond. Don't struggle along in this new world, our insanely competitive social media packages provide you with the skills and knowledge to succeed in social media. We provide a complete service tailored to your business and your audience, a dedicated account manager to ensure you receive the service you want, and great results every time.

Don't sit on the side lines, take on social media and win with DriveProfit's social media packages.

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