Guest blog post — Jim Luff from chosen payments | Four Social Media Marketing Tools That Work

Posted on Oct 19th 2017 under Marketing Strategy

Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others are a great way to market to your target audience.  Free advertising will probably net you what you can expect from any other product source that’s free.  The quality just won’t be there.  Accept that if you want to do it right, it will cost you.  However, not nearly as much as advertising used to cost in the past and more importantly is the ability to drill down to your exact target market.  He are four tactics that will help you reach your target.

  1. Using LinkedIn Account Targeting

Using Account Targeting, you can serve ads on LinkedIn to specific companies as a means to get your marketing messages in front of all of their employees using LinkedIn. If you layer on Experience Targeting, you can target the decision makers at the companies you are trying to land as new accounts.  This is not a new feature.  It’s just one that many people don’t know about.  To use Account Targeting, upload a list of those companies that you would like to do business with and LinkedIn will match your list against the 8 million Company Pages in their system. Then, apply the targeting when you are setting up your next reach-out campaign.

  1. Facebook Dynamic Creative

Facebook Dynamic Creative is a tool available using Facebook’s Power Editor.  It allows you to upload images, videos, titles, Call to Action buttons and descriptions and Facebook will automatically deliver the best performing combination of them to the perfect audience. Think of it as giving Facebook all of your artwork, descriptions, videos etc. and letting them optimize your ads for you.  This is a new tool and may not be available in all areas – yet.

  1. Tailored Twitter Audience

While Twitter is clearly not as prominent or dominant as Facebook, it does offer advertising tactics that also work well for targeting.  By adding a snippet of code on your website, you can serve relevant ads on Twitter to people who have already shown interest by visiting your website.  Twitter hasn't proven to be as cost effective as Facebook, however it is another great option!

  1. Facebook Custom Audience Engagement

Facebook’s Custom Audience tool allows you to target people who regularly engage with your content.  People viewing and engaging with your company on Facebook are much more likely to engage in business with you.  This applies to Instagram as well.

If you need help implementing any of these ideas, Drive Profit can assist you with developing a comprehensive social media schedule that will take advantage of the social media tools available and connect you with the targets you want to do business with.  Call us today at 203-426-7780.

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