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Posted on Sep 15th 2016 under Marketing Strategy

Attend any trade show and you are bound to walk away with a bag full of loot. The goodies range from cheap pens to nice ball caps. There are Post-It note pads, rulers, letter openers, paperclip holders and a myriad of other products.

So many logoed stress balls and cheap pens end up in the trash can of hotel rooms and never even make it home from the show. Then, there are the practical items of high quality that actually serve a useful purpose. The latest promotional trend is the cellphone holder as shown. This practical device cradles your cell phone on your desk allowing you to see texts as they arrive without picking it up. It forces the user to look at the logo of the company each time their phone lights up. Subliminal messaging at its finest.

Another favorite practical promotional product is the envelope opener. The one shown in this photo is very practical.

It is of high quality and includes a business card from the person who gave it away. Her name and the company name are seen every single business day since not a day goes by without mail to be opened. The one shown is a nice heavy duty plastic version that will last for years. While many people give away letter openers, may buy the cheapest, most inexpensive version on the market. These are usually so small they are hard to hold in your hand and frustrating to use and end up in the garbage like stress balls.  Not that there is anything wrong with stress balls but there are just so many varieties given away at trade shows that it's not practical to keep them unless you have a lot of stress.

The baseball cap is probably the most coveted of giveaway items. However, think about what the goal of the giveaway is. Are you giving them the hat simply to have something to give away or do you actually want them to wear it?  Look at the two hats shown in the photo. The one on the left is a high quality Flex Fit hat. The material is good and the color stands out. This is a hat that anyone would be proud to wear. The hat on the right is of such low quality that even the manufacturer doesn't attach their name to it. It is not a hat that most people would want to wear. Spend the money on a good quality premium gift and it will be used day in and day out.

If you end up going the cheap route on a promotional product you are basically making your company look cheap. You do not want promotional products to reflect badly upon your company as it is counter-productive and leaves people with a bad image of your company or worse yet, no image as the items ends up in the trash.

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