Guest Blog Post — Jim Luff from Chosen Payments | SEO to the Top

Most business owners would agree that standing out on Google and other search engine platforms is their primary goal. This goal stands above having the most beautifully designed website with lots of bells and whistles. Let’s face it, if no one is visiting your site, you might as well have a blank homepage. More visits to your page will generally result in more prospects, more quotes and ultimately, more sales. Being on the first page of Google search results is an awesome accomplishment. Being in the top three is even better.
Being at the top is the result of good Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Earning a spot to the top can be organic and caused by the volume of people visiting your website or it can be supplemented by paid placement, pay-per-click and other financial investments. How much you want to spend on your overall internet presence is up to you. The investment includes the website build, the hosting and of course the promotion of your site.

Let’s examine two methods of website management:


Minimum Investment
While some business owners want to launch a website and hope for the best. They have no interest in updating it on a regular basis to keep it fresh. They just want to share the bare minimum of what they sell or do. They are not interested in what the best keywords are for their business which can help optimize the account. Take for instance the generic word, “barbecue”. Try typing that in to your browser and see how many barbecue restaurants pop up. Whatever your business is, you should want it to be on the first page of Google. If you owned a barbecue restaurant, the odds are high that someone looking for barbecue food today may click through to your website to read your menu. Those restaurants on second page are not nearly as likely to be viewed. To be included on the first page generally requires an investment as well as keeping your page fresh or relevant as Google calls it. The more relevant you are to your geographical area, the more likely you are to display in the top three spots.


Aim for the Top

It is more likely you will land at the top if you have done your homework or paid a company like Drive Profit to correctly identify the keywords right for you. To truly dominate on search engines, you can't simply make some additions to your website every six months and think that will do it.
You must get visitors to come back to your website over and over again by producing lots of relevant content on a regular basis and develop a sales funnel. You must either get familiar with web analytics or pay a professional to review your analytics and recommend changes or corrections for your website. You can perform a lot of these tasks yourself, but the bottom line is you'll have to spend either the time or the money if you want to maintain your spot in the search results.


What Will Work For You
Now that we've laid out different approaches to search engine optimization, ask yourself which one might be the right one for you and your business. Will you be the person that is going to be committed to maintaining fresh content? Or, should you consider outsourcing this task to someone like Drive Profit? We will not only help you identify keywords and maintain them for you but provide you with a monthly report showing who visited your website, what keywords they used, how old they are, whether they used a desktop computer or mobile device to access your site and scores of other valuable information that will help guide to process to making sure you land in the first position of every search engine platform.

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Posted on May 31 2018

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Guest Blog Post — Jim Luff from Chosen Payments | SEO to the Top



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