Halloween Marketing Tips for Limousine Companies

If your limousine service is considering a special marketing campaign for Halloween, it is definitely a great idea! Don’t be scared to promote your sedan service or small bus or van service! The days leading up to this holiday are prime time if you are looking for extra business in 2012. How can you capitalize on a holiday that has Americans spending of billions of dollars every year? Here are 5 Halloween marketing tips for your limousine service to try.

1. Promote vans and SUVs for trick-or-treat expeditions. Parents who want to take a group of kids out for candy on Halloween might find themselves struggling for space in the car. You can solve the problem by offering van and shuttle services to take the kids around town. It works best in neighborhoods where houses are not close together and for busy parents who would love a hand on Halloween night. The dispatch is bound to field calls from parents interested in this service.

2. Hand out bags of candy to save clients a trip to the store. Many limo service clients won't have time to plan for trick-or-treaters coming to their door. Try attracting business by handing out bags of candy for passengers to hand out at home. You'll be surprised at how generous this gesture will seem to your clients. After all, if you are preoccupied with business but know your doorbell is going to be buzzing with Halloween activity, you'll be ecstatic about skipping a trip to the convenience store for candy.

3. Create Halloween-themed party buses. The party bus is one of the great new tools of any limousine service. Instead of showcasing the buses for trips to the casino or nightclub circuit, consider making a Halloween-themed bus for kids and their chaperones. You can decorate the interior and exterior, play spooky music and show classic Halloween movies while making trick-or-treat stops. This idea has a lot of potential, since it allows parents to get off the hook when it comes to holiday planning.

4. Offer tips via direct mail. While you might think direct mail campaigns are a thing of the past, it comes down to how well you sell the idea. A flyer promising the "Top 5 Halloween Safety Tips inside" is bound to get a lot of reads. Make sure the copy you have on your flyer is going to convert readers into customers of your limo service. Lists get people reading (ahem) when the content is useful. On a night known for strange occurrences, parents do not want to be oblivious to danger. They'll be open to suggestions.

5. Turn your main dispatch/office into a bona fide trick-or-treat destination. Whether or not your other efforts come off as planned, this idea has a lot of potential for promoting your limousine service in a good light. Have your employees dress in costume and have someone available to greet kids and hand out candy. Stock only candy the kids really like (chocolate bars, etc.). Making children happy on Halloween makes an excellent impression on their parents — your target audience.

After Labor Day, Halloween becomes the main holiday on the calendar before Thanksgiving. Take advantage of the opportunities your limousine company has to build a bigger clientele during this season

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Posted on Oct 26 2012

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Halloween Marketing Tips for Limousine Companies



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