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In today’s online world it is a top priority for your limousine service business to have a strong online presence – you create a website, you insert customer testimonials, you manage social media channels and so on. However, your reputation in the digital world is not just what you create, it is all the information about your business that appears everywhere online, including customer reviews or testimonials on third party websites. The fact is, consumers nowadays trust fellow customers more than the companies themselves. What this means is customer reviews are more powerful than ever before and if you handle them properly, they can power up your business too.
In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of customer reviews and how using our review optimization system can drive your business forward.

2019 is about building real credibility

In 2019, credibility is everything. When it comes to making your business a real success, trust is an essential factor. People are more likely to choose a service or buy something when they see that other people have already had a positive experience with the same service or product.
With so many review channels, real reviews for your business have never mattered more. We live in an era of false advertising and customers no longer trust brands that brag about themselves. Nowadays, more and more people read reviews as part of their purchase research before choosing a service. People search for real advice from real customers sharing their unfiltered experiences and opinions.
For example, when someone hires a limo service company, they are looking for more than just a vehicle to transport them from point A to point B; they are looking for an experience. Professionalism, safety, comfort, transparency, and commitment are just a few factors that customers value most in chauffeured services. In the process of choosing the company that can offer customers precisely what they are looking for, reviews hold real power.

Why are customers reviews so necessary?

As more and more people are sharing their experiences on the internet, online reputation has become critical for any business. Positive customer reviews are not just nice to have – they are necessary. According to specialists, 90% of consumers read online reviews before choosing the services from a company. They rely on online reviews as much as a recommendation from a close friend.
Customer reviews have evolved over the years from word-of-mouth recommendations to comprehensive online assessments dissecting every part of the experience they had with your services. But it’s not enough to offer great services and hope for positive online reviews.
Great reviews often lead to sales. When people like your services and they share their experience, others become interested and want to join the crowd. Customer reviews are persuasive, and they are a powerful form of social proof. Customers trust each other and the ability to read real-life experiences of your services will give the customer valuable insight.
The power of customer reviews can change any business, large or small. Online reviews can significantly improve communication and customer service, giving your business credibility. Online reviews offer you the chance to develop a closer relationship with your customers and find out their opinions about your business and their experiences with your services. You will be surprised about how many things you will discover; your customers will feel that their opinions are valued, and you can then use this information to improve your services.
Each online review is a form of FREE advertising for your business. And don’t worry about negative reviews – if handled properly, they can be turned to your advantage. Remember that “there is no such thing as bad publicity”. When you reply to both positive and negative reviews, you show people you care about them, and you do your best to offer them the best possible experience.
Customer reviews are also great for Google search rankings. When a potential customer wants to find something about your limo service business and the services you offer, chances are they’re going to use Google. Search engines love reviews! If your business is mentioned many times, you are likely to appear higher in the search results. Plus, consumer-generated content, aka customer reviews, means fresh, relevant content for your business.
The big question is – how can you get all the reviews you deserve and get more positive feedback from your customers? Perhaps you should consider partnering up with a dedicated review platform such as REVIEW, the only industry-dedicated solution specially developed for limo service companies.
With REVIEW you have a chance to respond and show your commitment to your valued customers.

So what is REVIEW all about?

REVIEW is an automated customer review system developed by DriveProfit. It is an easy-to-use tool created to help businesses in the limo service industry manage their brand reputation through positive customer feedback and posts on social media channels, increase site authority and improve social media rankings, SEO and visibility on important websites.
Feeling vulnerable when allowing customers to leave reviews of your limo services? It’s OK. With REVIEW, you have everything your customers say about you all at your fingertips. You will get an amazing opportunity to use the incredible power of reviews to generate leads, close sales, manage your customer relationships and boost your reputation.


Once the system is integrated, when a reservation is completed your customers receive a satisfaction survey asking them to rate your service based on a five-star scale. When a customer selects five stars, they are automatically given the option to share the review on platforms such as Google, Facebook, Trip Advisor and Yelp, and if the business is rated less than five stars, they are asked to leave a comment and suggest what could have been improved.
With REVIEW, you activate the voice of your passengers, create customer loyalty, collect valuable customer feedback, react to your customers’ comments, and monitor all your reviews.


Customer reviews are essential for your business – they help you expand brand awareness, monitor your customers’ happiness, strengthen relationships, improve your services, increase sales and so much more.
If you want to find out more about REVIEW and how our industry-oriented solutions can help you grow your business, get in touch! Give us a call on: 203-426-7780 or drop us an email at:

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