How Customer Reviews Drive Conversions

Posted on Jun 12th 2019 under Limo Marketing Tips

Have you already heard of REVIEW, the automated customer review system developed by DriveProfit? Since more and more people are sharing their experiences online, a seamless digital presence has become a necessity for any business. According to recent marketing studies, more than three-quarters of buyers now consult online reviews before making a purchase.

Reviews have become an integral part of the purchasing process. They are not just nice to have, they are essential not only to SEO but also to reputation management, consumer trust in your services, clickthrough and conversion rates. Yes, customer reviews can also drive conversions.

While customer reviews can’t generate sales on their own, they have a significant impact on the final purchase decision. The great news is, endorsement from your customers can do most of your selling for you. Here are some examples of how customer reviews can influence conversions:

Reviews influence conversions for high-priced services

Price is an essential factor in the purchase of any service or product, and riding in a luxury vehicle does not come cheap. Price is also the primary factor determining how risky an investment can be. The higher the price, the more time and energy buyers spend evaluating the potential purchase.

Nowadays, people contemplate long before investing in a high-priced product or service. And this is the point where customer reviews come into the equation – customers will rely more on reviews. Reviews are extremely powerful in influencing the purchase decision, especially for expensive services and products. When the price is higher, having more relevant information from previous customers – a.k.a. more customer reviews – makes the purchase decision easier and the risk of losing a potential customer lower.

Customer reviews bring SEO benefits

One of the most significant benefits of customer reviews is the increased visibility they provide for search engines. In the limousine service industry, it is hard to stand out from the competition when everyone is trying to build a strong online reputation. Search engines are listening to what customers have to say about your business. Customer feedback is a powerful form of user-generated content that search engines love. Reviews create more content and drive potential customers to your website by bumping your site up the list of search results.

Customer reviews – your ticket to more sales

Good reviews extend beyond a click. Customer reviews and conversion go hand in hand.

Consumers have more power than ever before, and making your customers happy is not only the secret to success but also a strong competitive advantage in the online marketplace. If you are not convinced yet about the power of reviews for your limo service business, we recommend using REVIEW to show you why.

Let customer reviews drive your conversions

Choosing the right tools for your limo service business can be tricky, but with REVIEW you’ll get the only review system designed by industry experts specifically for limo service companies. It is an automated customer review system developed by the specialists at DriveProfit as an easy-to-use tool so that limo service businesses can seamlessly manage their online reputations.

With REVIEW you can acquire and harness the power of your reviews, because when you focus on providing outstanding service to each customer, great reviews will follow.

How REVIEW helps you get customer reviews that convert

Once the REVIEW system is integrated and when a reservation is completed, your customers receive a survey requesting them to rate your services based on a five-star scale. When they select five stars, they are given the option to share their review on different social platforms. It only takes a minute to leave feedback.

With REVIEW, you activate the voice of your customers. You create customer loyalty, collect valuable feedback, react to both positive and negative comments, and monitor all your reviews in one place.

Contact the experts at DriveProfit and see how REVIEW can help you improve your business, grow your brand reputation, generate leads, close sales, and manage your relationships along with your reputation. Book a demo with one of our experts and let us show you what the REVIEW system can do.

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