How To Analyze a Competing Limousine Company's SEO Strategy to Improve Your Search Results

Your limousine marketing program will be most effective when you take advantage of search engine optimization to position your limo website to rank well in local and national search searches.  When it comes to developing a search engine optimization strategy for limo websites, you don't need to reinvent the wheel. In fact, you might as well focus your attention on competitors’ limo websites for clues on what keywords to use.

Failure to perform competitive analysis on a regular basis could spell the end of your business as you know it. If you don't have a good idea of what your rivals are up to, how can you hope to differentiate your limo company from theirs?

Follow these tips to help you analyze a competing limo company's SEO strategy, and then use what you've learned to improve your own online presence with the help of your marketing team.

Check for Bold Words

Bold text leaps off the page and when used sparingly, it can make a big difference in how visitors absorb the basic message of your Web page.

See which terms your competitor is highlighting in bold, and then test using the keywords to improve your ranking in future search engine results. This is an old trick that many businesses forget to employ, according to experts.

Examine the Website's Source Code

A treasure trove of information awaits you when you examine the source code of your competitor's website. Use the "View Source" command in your Web browser after loading the rival's page.

Begin by searching for the word "keyword," because the company's website designer may have included meta keywords (to help search engines categorize the business).

Look for the meta description as well, as it should contain some useful keywords. An important piece of text that many people forget to check for is ALT text. This piece of text is used to give people a description.

Other places to look for your competitors' favored keywords is in their usage of "ALT text". People who are visually impaired and cannot see an image on a website can still get an idea about it thanks to the ALT tag, which consists of words that will tell you what the picture is. A fast way to see all the ALT tags is to temporarily disable image loading in your browser.

See Which Terms Are Used Across the Site

Another way to see what keywords are most important to your competitors is to pay attention to how often terms appear on pages. The title of a page may be mirrored in the text, for example. You may see repeated terms in the blog or in the services description page.

Keywords are also found in the URL itself, such as the name of the city, the name of the limo company and maybe vehicle makes and models.

Investigating the SEO that your competitors use will help you improve your overall online limousine marketing campaigns. You'll have a better sense of how to present your business to customers so they can see the value in selecting you over local rivals for their ground transportation needs and ensure you get the biggest bang for your limousine marketing buck.

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Posted on Sep 11 2015

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How To Analyze a Competing Limousine Company's SEO Strategy to Improve Your Search Results



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