How to Boost the Popularity of Your Limo Company's Most Popular Posts

Posted on May 20th 2015 under Limo Marketing Tips

Not all of your chauffeured transportation service firm's blog posts will be created equal. Some will naturally be more popular with your customers than others. This happens for a variety of reasons, some of which are not entirely within your control. Even if you spent a long time on your posts and they are about subjects you know your customers care about, some headlines will likely resonate with readers more than others.

For example, one topic might become the object of intense interest in the media, leading more people than usual to read your limo blog post on the subject. As people share the posts, more connections are made to your company's website and blog. Or, the demographics of your customer base simply mean that the majority of your current readers will prefer a post about safety to a post about renting luxury vehicles for the prom (or vice versa!). Measuring the popularity of different blog topics can give you insight into your customers' wants and desires.

It stands to reason that if a lot of people like your limo company's most popular posts, you can make some of these posts even more popular.

Upgrades Aren't Just for Limousines

Upgrade your most popular blog posts, such as a key fact about the industry from 2012 that now has more recent statistics to back it up. That's a suggestion from a recent article at Quick Sprout. This shows customers that you care enough to be diligent about checking that the data you provide is still useful and actionable.
Use the Sidebar

The space on the side of your blog posts is a valuable resource you should be taking advantage of. Consider linking to your most popular blog posts in the sidebar. This will encourage readers to check them out after reading the latest item.
Promote Your Email

You can generate more traffic and boost the popularity of these successful posts by adding email opt-in opportunities in your posts.

Go through these older posts and add your email opt-in at the bottom. It can help you boost your subscribers and bring you more traffic. Make sure that the call to action is appropriate for each updated post. For example, you could write something like, "Enjoyed this post? Click here to get updates about future posts via email."
Use the Limo Blog to Promote the Limo Blog

As you determine which posts are the most popular, begin linking to them in your future posts. By cross-linking to related content on your site, it will help your readers find it and will naturally drive up the popularity even further.

Don't use the same type of anchor text each time you link to your other blog posts. Opt for organic, natural sounding phrases for best results. Otherwise, people might find your blog to be overly promotional instead of informative and entertaining.

DriveProfit's senior marketing professionals each have more than 20 years of experience working with companies to improve their limo marketing efforts. If you have been doing well with your chauffeured transportation services firm's blog, we can help you make your most popular posts even more popular. For details or to get started on a new marketing project, please contact the experts at DriveProfit today at 203.426.7780 or email us at

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