How to Boost Twitter Followers for Your Limo Company's B2B Marketing

Posted on Oct 26th 2015 under Social Media

As a small-to-medium sized limousine business that is focused on selling B2B services, you must realize just how crucial social media is in connecting with potential customers and maintaining ties with your current loyal riders. Since Twitter has more than 270 million users, it makes sense to use this social media channel to help spread the word about your company and your B2B service offerings.

Here are tips to boost the number of your company's Twitter followers, which you can implement yourself if you have enough time and resources, or with the help of your marketing team who can shoulder much of this promotional work for you.

Update Your Profile

Since Twitter is such an important aspect of limo marketing, it makes sense to optimize your profile. Include your company's logo and color scheme so your brand will get more exposure. You should also update the text used to describe your business, location and services, so visitors will have a clear reason about why they should follow you, noted a recent article at Imagine Business Development.

Tweet Often and on a Reliable Basis

What's the point of maintaining a Twitter account for your limousine business if you don't use it regularly to reach out to customers? 

Develop a schedule for writing tweets. You can come up with your B2B limo marketing tweets ahead of time in a batch, such as every Friday, and then you'll have enough material for the coming week.

Help People Find and Follow You on Twitter

Make it easy to find and follow you by including your Twitter information in the signature of your business emails. This does not need to be a heavy-handed call to action, but simply a pointer to your Twitter page. 

It's also important to promote your Twitter feed on your company's website, as well as in blog posts and in your e-newsletter's articles.

Follow Local Companies on Twitter

Make a habit of finding local companies on Twitter and following them. When the heads of these businesses notice that you are following them, they may very well be interested in following you in turn. This brings them to the top of your sales funnel, and you can start cultivating them to become actual customers.

 Integrate Twitter into Your Limousine Marketing Campaigns

Traditional marketing materials, such as magazine ads, radio spots and billboards are ripe for Twitter integration and will get the attention of companies in your next B2B campaign. They will enhance the online marketing you are doing, such as your website's landing page, emails and guest posts you write for various industry-related websites.

 With Twitter being such an easy platform to use to communicate with loyal customers and strengthen ties with new customers, your company will want to make Twitter an integral part of your limousine marketing efforts. Boosting the number of Twitter followers will help you get more B2B exposure for your limousine services, as people share information with their online friends and colleagues.

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