How to Build Customer Loyalty for Your Limousine Company

Posted on Jul 17th 2015 under Customer Loyalty

In an industry that relies so much on developing and maintaining great relationships with customers, your limousine company must make customer loyalty one of your highest priorities (notwithstanding other important areas of focus that you must attend to, such as safety and reliability).

Improved customer loyalty could mean the difference between having a company that dramatically expands its market and number of yearly rides and a company that declines to the point where you have to lay off workers or even turn out the lights, ceding market share to your competitors.

Make Customer Loyalty a Higher Priority

What are your current priorities? If people in your company are focusing on making more sales or encouraging upgrades while not attending to the needs and concerns of your frequent riders, this means they may not be focusing on activities that will make customers feel welcome and more loyal to your business.

Call a meeting and explain to the troops that they should continue with the excellent work they've been doing to date, but now you all must keep customer loyalty top of mind in all they do.

Focus on Delivering Outstanding Service

It's a cliché in the business world that you must aim for high levels of customer service. After all, what company would admit that customer service falls below fleet management or the goal to increase sales?

Identify what you are doing right in terms of service and develop an action plan to correct any deficiencies. If you've launched a new initiative at your company to improve service, brag about it in your next emails, blog posts, social media updates and newsletters.

Harness the Power of Your Loyal Brand Ambassadors

Your most frequent and loyal riders can work as ambassadors for your limousine company's brand. The key is to identify them (such as by sorting data in your customer relationship management or marketing automation application) and then encourage them to recommend you to their friends, family and business colleagues, noted a recent article at Forbes.

You can ask these top-tier customers to write a short positive review that you can include on your website. Consider offering your brand ambassadors a discount on their next ride if they forward one of your marketing emails to a colleague, for example.

Loyalty Program Rewards

A major aspect of your company's limousine marketing efforts can include details about your loyalty program and the rewards you offer. If you don't yet have a customer loyalty program set up, consult with a team of marketing professionals with experience in the limousine industry.

Use the program to keep track of how much money they spend over how many trips and how frequently they request service. Frequent riders will accumulate points that they can cash in for gifts or discounts on service.

It may be useful to think about the companies you personally feel loyalty toward, and identify what key aspects about such businesses keep you coming back for more. Strive to emulate the same efforts these companies make to keep your business, and you should see an improvement in customer loyalty for your company as well.

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