How to Create Buyer Personas for Your Limo Company

Posted on Sep 16th 2015 under inbound marketing

What are the names of your most favored customers? While you may recognize some of your top customers on sight and by name, you would be hard-pressed to be able to identify every single one of them.

However, you can hold certain types of customers foremost in your thoughts when you develop buyer personas. Your existing and potential customers will typically fall into categories that you can refer to by special names to indicate their buyer persona.

Why You Should Develop a Buyer Persona

In the ground transportation services industry, you tend to see the same types of individuals repeatedly contacting you to arrange for rides. Some are calling because they need regular service for VIPs going to and from the airport, for example, while others come calling because they got a referral to you from their wedding planner.

You wouldn't use the same marketing message to reach out to these two categories of customers. That's where buyer personas come in. By paying attention to their distinct needs and motivations as well as budgetary constraints and level of knowledge about limousines, for example, you can tailor your marketing messages more precisely. This gives you a much better return on your marketing investment.

Sources of Information

Begin by gaining a better understanding of the demographics in your service area. You'll need information about how much money people make, what kind of work they do, educational backgrounds, locations of their homes and businesses, age, gender and other useful details. This provides context for the buyer personas you develop. In the process, you might also discover some markets that you've been leaving untapped.

Who knows better about what your customers want than your very best customers themselves? While they cannot speak for everyone in your customer database, your most loyal riders have great information that you can use to construct personas for your next marketing campaign.

If you have the time, interview your customers about what they like and what they don't like about the services you provide. Make it worth their while, such as by offering a discount on their next ride in exchange for a few minutes of their time.

When you lack the resources to conduct interviews, questionnaires are another great way to gather information. You can set up an online questionnaire, working out the best questions to ask with your sales team and marketing department, as well as how many questions to ask.
Your limo marketing efforts will give you a better return on investment when you take the time to develop buyer personas. You don't have to create these personas on your own, of course. It's best to work with professional marketers who have experience in promoting chauffeured transportation services companies. With buyer personas in place, you can make decisions about how to deploy your marketing resources much more easily.

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