How to Develop Content for Your Limo Company's Social Media Channels

Posted on May 18th 2015 under Limo Marketing Tips

When you run a thriving limousine company, you know how important it is to maintain good relationships with customers. With so many people using social media every day, you needed to meet them where they spend time on the Internet. This means that even if you had little preparation, your limousine company needed to cultivate customers via content that you posted through social media channels like Twitter and Facebook.

After the initial excitement and enthusiasm have settled down a bit, you now start finding it difficult to come up with ideas for social media content. That's a problem, because you need to continue posting fresh material on a regular basis. Otherwise, customers will lose interest and you won't appear as fresh to search engines.

Tell Stories About Your Firm

Customers are curious about other people and will enjoy reading about what happens behind the scenes at your limousine company. Share stories and take pictures showing your offices, the mechanics' area and the fleet of vehicles.

Ask Your Readers Some Questions

When you pose a question to your followers in social media, you may be surprised or amused by the responses. Ask them to share travel tips, what they like most about the city or area where you provide services, and so on.

While you're at it, why not ask customers to share pictures that they took when using your vehicles? That's one of the suggestions from a recent article at About Money. From proud business owners exuberant after a successful meeting to young adults experiencing prom and wanting to document it in images, there are plenty of pictures that your customers can contribute.

Break Down the Numbers

When you run across some interesting statistics about the limousine industry or business news that affects a lot of your usual customers, why not share the figures with them via your social channels?

Remember to double-check any statistics you provide. It's best to link to authoritative websites, such as those of major news organizations or trade publications. You don't want to inadvertently steer your readers to some bad information.
Share Industry Related Content

Whenever you run across a thought-provoking editorial or opinion column or read some news that is of interest to the industries your clients come from, it's a good idea to share a link via social media.

Your busy customers will be glad they saw something noteworthy about their niche and will appreciate that you pointed it out to them. Staying on top of important news about the major industries of the customers you chauffeur around town will give you insight into what motivates them. Posting such content will help keep you top of mind and could eventually lead to more bookings.

Give them a Bit of a Diversion

You don't need to make every social media post about news, statistics or behind the scenes accounts of your chauffeured transportation services business. Every once in a while, share a link to a cartoon, joke, amusing anecdote or anything else that is light and entertaining. It's nice to give your readers a pleasant diversion once in a while, and it helps to break up your more serious social media feeds with some occasional fun.

At DriveProfit, each member of our senior marketing team has more than 20 years of experience developing limousine marketing campaigns. If you have been running into problems trying to come up with social media posts on a regular basis, our team is standing by to help. For more information or to get started on a new marketing effort, please contact the experts at DriveProfit today at 203.426.7780 or email us at


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