How to Generate More Leads with Drip Marketing

Due to the rise of the Internet, we now have a very diverse array of marketing strategies.  It's pointless to say we are in the digital age, as we are all aware that our daily commute, workplace and job are constantly changing due to increased technology.

If an industry does not adapt to these trends, it will get left behind.

Drip marketing tactics can ensure that a business's internet presence will remain strong. If it remains strong, it will rise above its competitors.

So, what is 'drip marketing'? More importantly, how can it generate more leads?  Read the following to learn more.

What Is Drip Marketing?

It may seem to be a bit confusing at first. In simple terms, drip marketing is a way of marketing to buyers with a large emphasis on personalization and customization. It is based on the habits of customers and/or users. This data can be quite helpful in acquiring new leads.

Typical example:

Say you're a dog owner looking to buy a new toy for your dog. Your first step is to go to your favorite online retailer and order the toy you are after. Once you find it, you quickly put it in your online shopping cart and pay for it accordingly.

The next step is that we (the place you purchased your toy from) are now aware that you like certain dog toys, so what we then do is to send you a confirmation email that has suggested products that are related to your recent purchase.

A few weeks later, we send you another email that enquires about whether or not you are enjoying that dog toy. The email might also include something about how that brand of dog toy is having a 15% off on all their dog products this week. As a customer, you feel like the company actually knows about you, and you purchase another dog toy through the sale.

The same principles can be applied to the limo industry, especially for people who have asked for a quote (and you have captured their contact information) or booked with you for the first time.

How Is Drip Marketing Different from Other Marketing Models?

It's in the details of the execution where marketing success lies.

Using traditional digital marketing campaigns for the previous scenario would have had a different ending. Most likely, you would have been inundated with heaps of emails that would have had little to do with you or your purchase. In the end, you end up feeling like you're misunderstood, and from this, probably rather annoyed.

In summary, every lead is unique, regardless of its age. Each one is an individual with their own likes and dislikes, opinions and preferences. They are not to be ignored when you are communicating with them.

Leads are heard loud and clear when you use drip marketing.

Why Is Drip Marketing Important To Use?

If you are interested in having a great retention rate for your brand or business, pay attention to the following.

Drip marketing campaigns have very diverse benefits because they are so specific and data-driven. The following are the top three benefits to adopting this marketing strategy.

  • When using drip marketing campaigns, brand recall rates are the highest
  • Lead retention rates are shown to increase
  • Drip marketing campaigns lead to greatly improved customer satisfaction

What's more is that studies have shown that highly satisfied customers who feel their purchase was personalized for them are more likely to remain loyal to the brand. Also, these customers are nearly twice as likely to recommend the brand to a relative or friend. This is a great win-win situation!

Where Do Drip Marketing Campaigns See Benefits?

This personalized way of marketing can be a massive game-changer for increasing your leads, regardless of whether it's airport rides or wine tours.

Many people feel that drip marketing is only good for businesses related to e-commerce; however, this is nowhere near the truth.

Drip marketing can help a limo business to engage the customers and bookings by using newsletters and additional services (like a tour for an airport traveler).

You can have engagements automated by using specific clients' needs for that time of the year (family vacation, holiday parties, business meetings, etc.)

You'll soon see that there's hardly an operation that won't benefit from drip marketing.

Digital Tools Keep Drip Campaigns Fresh and Current

Marketing has significantly evolved since chain email. These days, there are many more ways to funnel your drip campaign. For example, social media has been thrust to the forefront over the last few years, and it has proven to be a fantastic tool in all drip campaigns.

Keep in mind that there are many different alternatives to social media. For example, DriveProfit's online review generator is a highly successful digital tool that helps foster lead retention.

Other digital tools you have available are things like Dropbox and Quora, which all help to increase the efficiency of drip marketing.

Unlike the older marketing strategies, drip marketing thrives in a changing cultural ecosystem , and it is that very reason that it has become one of the best ways to not only garner new leads but to retain them long into the future as well.

Types Of "Drips"

Not all campaigns are equal. Even though all styles of drip marketing and their campaigns focus on the engagement of leads and customers, there are differences between styles. Here are a few of the more popular types of drip campaigns and where their focus is:

  • Educational drips — focus primarily on e-books and online whitepapers
  • Onboarding drips — these are for lead exposure and increasing the customer/client base
  • Cross-selling drips — emphasis on brand exposure and market expansion
  • Offer drips — aimed at moving product and customer satisfaction
  • Cause drips — the focus is around a certain future event or gathering

With each of these types of drips, there are specific marketing techniques used in their campaigns. Drip campaigns can be personalized to serve you and your business the best, regardless of whether it is for email and newsletter outreach, or B2C or B2B networking.

Do you have any questions about drip campaigns? Feel free to contact us anytime!

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Posted on Mar 20 2018

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How to Generate More Leads with Drip Marketing



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