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Posted on Oct 4th 2018 under Marketing Strategy


As marketing your business relies more and more on a digital world with more opportunities than one can keep up with, knowing where to focus your efforts will allow you to build an online presence that will help drive business. Ask any expert and they will talk about the benefits of social listening with a major part of that being social proof.

What is social proof? It is simply the reviews, testimonials, and recommendations that your clients are willing to share with you. These can come to you via emails directly to your company, comments on your social posts or even something someone posts on their social profile as a recommendation to friends. While many businesses will look at these as confirmation that they are doing their jobs right, the reality is that there is gold there waiting to be mined. If your interest is piqued so far then the next question you would have is 'How do I mine that gold?'

The easiest way to answer that question is with the following quick assessment you can use to evaluate your efforts and see where you need to improve your process.

1. Does your website currently have an attention-grabbing 'Review' button? — This simple Call-To-Action can help you generate reviews that you can not only share on your website but also in emails and on your social profiles.

2. Do you respond to reviews? — At the very heart of the activity known as 'social listening' is what you do when you listen. Responding to reviews is a way to not only thank the person making the review or recommendation but it allows for you to talk about specifics or your product or service they like and also mention new products and services that may be of interest.

3. Do you share your reviews? — Whether on your website, on social media presences or through emails, sharing positive feedback is not only good PR but can also help clients who are undecided make the decision to move forward. Additionally, when you share the positive reviews you also acknowledge that you value the client which could likely result in repeat business.

4. Is your business verified? — For many consumers and business using the internet to search for or research a product or service, seeing that a social media presence is verified can be very reassuring. So much so that all of the major social media presences can and will verify business accounts, with some even requiring verification. So, are your social media presences verified?

5. Do you ask for reviews? — If you are wondering if you can or should ask for reviews the answer is yes to both. In fact, you not only can request reviews, but you can direct clients offering to do reviews to where you would like reviews. Additionally, you can ask them to be specific about their reviews (review a specific product or service or review the company as a whole) and you can incentivize them to offer reviews with discounts off their next purchase or promotional gifts such as shirts, pens, hats or string bags.

6. Do you put the spotlight on positive reviews? — Whether on your social media presence, on your website or in emails, you can and should call attention to positive reviews you have received. Just make sure you do not offer personal info about the reviewer (use first name and last initial and if you cover a large geographic region don't get any more specific than city and state or company name) and always be humble.

7. Do you publish all kinds of reviews? — We all want to believe that everyone loves the products and services we offer but the reality is you cannot please everyone all the time. Neutral or negative reviews are possible, and they should be shared as well. However, when you do share them make sure that your reply is heartfelt and conciliatory, including an offer of a further discussion so that you can understand their review.

Hopefully, through this post and the accompanying infographic, we have enlightened you to the positive effects that social listening and reviews can have on your business. Drive Profit offers packages to help you listen and benefit from the reviews you receive.

Contact DriveProfit today to find out more about how to grow your brand reputation with positive customer feedback and social proof.

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