How to Get More Customers to Open Your Limo Company's Emails

Posted on Jun 19th 2015 under Email Marketing

Limousine company owners will sometimes focus their marketing efforts in social media, spending a great deal of time on delivering messages via their Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and other accounts. This makes sense, since so many of your loyal customers are bound to be using social media channels to communicate with their friends and colleagues.

A satisfied customer posting a favorable comment about your firm can call attention to your service offerings in a matter of seconds. However, social media should not be your sole focus when conducting marketing campaigns via the Internet, noted a recent article at Entrepreneur.

While it's very easy and convenient to tweet and post updates about your limousine company, you should know that humble email will be almost 40 percent more effective than using Facebook and Twitter together, according to a McKinsey & Co. survey cited by Entrepreneur.

Pay Attention to Subject Length

If you have been avoiding email because you find social media easier to use, it's time to put in more effort into your limousine marketing email. Pay attention to the length of the subject lines you use in these messages to get the best open rate. Write subject lines using six to 10 words for optimal results.

Messages with shorter subjects lead to an open rate of 21 percent or higher than marketing industry standards. However, if the subject is too short, the results will be less than stellar. Count on getting a 16 percent open rate when you use five or fewer words in the subject field. Messages with 11-15 words in the subject field result in a 14-percent open rate. Even though these figures are available to all businesses, it seems that just above 50 percent of companies still send out subject lines ranging from 11 to 15 words.

This means that if you can craft your limo marketing emails to have slightly shorter subject lines, you can expect to see a greater return on your investment, with more customers opening your messages. Even a slight edge like this can help you surpass your local competition.

Make it Personal

When you have personal details about your customers, use them to your advantage in these limousine marketing emails. Address them with their first name in the subject line to get a better open rate. Entrepreneur noted that doing so would give you a 2.6 percent higher open rate.
Consider the Device and Screen Size of Your Readers

Your customers are busy and will often check their email while they're on the go, using their mobile devices and tablet computers. Make their lives easier by developing email marketing messages that are concise and will read easily on the screen of smaller, portable devices.

Your customers may only see the subject line and the first few sentences of your message in their smartphones, so make the most with your details to encourage them to scroll down and read the rest. You might wind up with a customer ordering service from you on the spot from the same device used to read the email.

At DriveProfit, each member of our senior marketing team has more than 20 years of experience creating and implementing limo marketing campaigns for ground transportation firm owners and operators. Over the years, we've seen the value of making email a major part of your branding and marketing efforts. For more information on using email to communicate with your limousine customers or to start a new marketing effort, please contact the experts at DriveProfit today at 203.426.7780 or email us at


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