How to Identify Your Ideal Customer

Posted on May 2nd 2014 under Facebook

You know that adage that says if you try to please everyone you end up pleasing no one? The same concept holds true when it comes to your limousine marketing. While it may be a nice thought that your limousine business is made to serve anyone and everyone, the reality is that not everyone is ready, willing or even able to buy.

The specific person that is most likely to need your services is what marketers like to call your ideal customer. And figuring out who he or she is lets you shape your limo marketing strategies to meet their individual needs. If you make a direct connection with this ideal customer, you run a good chance of reaping rewards that include:

  • Keeping them as a customer for the long term
  • Growing them into a loyal client and advocate for your brand
  • Connecting with more ideal customers in the future and doing the same

The bottom line also includes a potentially steady stream of sales that transform your nonexistent marketing ROI into a veritable bonanza.

Ideal Customer Defined

So how do you figure out who your ideal customer is? A few tips from marketing mavens Lauren Littlefield and Seth Godin can help. For starters, let's outline a firm definition of what an ideal customer is. Godin says it is a person or corporation that:

  • Wants your limousine or transportation services
  • Has the money to pay for your services
  • Has the authority to purchase your services

Ideal Customer Strategy

Your next step is figuring out other details about your ideal customer. What specific characteristics and traits does he or she have? What is your ideal customer's gender, occupation, industry, lifestyle and habits? Diving into your existing customer base can help you surface with this information. Go through your records and make a list of customers who:

  • Have spent a lot of money on your services
  • Consistently give you repeat business
  • Readily give you awesome reviews and/or referrals
  • Are delighted with your services

One you have a list of people based on the above data, compare and contrast their attributes. The same characteristics found in your best existing customers are likely to be found in your best potential customers, or people you can specifically target with your limousine marketing strategies now that you have a better idea of who they are.

Four Personas

To get even more mileage out of your limo marketing efforts, you can classify new leads and prospects into one of four personas. A lead may:

  • Not fit the ideal customer profile and not be engaged
  • Fit the ideal customer profile and not be engaged
  • Not fit the ideal customer profile and be engaged
  • Fit the ideal customer profile and be engaged

Since you went through all the trouble of establishing your ideal customer, it should be fairly easy to pinpoint where individual leads or prospects stand. You can now target your specific efforts to each of the personas.

Those that don't fit your ideal customer profile may be doing research for their boss; give them info that makes them look good. Ideal prospects that are not engaged may require more information to help establish a dialogue and relationship. Ideal customers that are already engaged may simply need a few questions answered before they're ready to go for the booking.

Identifying your ideal customer can help you with driving results and gaining new sales since you can pay special attention to prospects that fit the profile. You're also reaching out to people you already know want, can afford and have the authority to purchase your services.

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