How to Improve the Subject Lines for Your Limo Firm's Promotional Emails

Posted on May 19th 2015 under Email Marketing

Email is one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal when it comes to marketing limousines. You can quickly generate email messages and target them to different demographics in your service area.

Since people gave you their email address, it's a sign that they are at least somewhat interested in what you have to say. You should honor that trust by aiming to send them useful emails that won't waste their time. Ideally, customers will be happy when they see another message from you, knowing that they are about to receive some useful information or a valuable promotion.

When you draft an email to send out to your limousine company's loyal customers, you may naturally tend to spend more time on the text of the message than you do on the subject line. However, you should definitely put some time and thinking into every subject line you write if you want to get the best return on your marketing investment.

Remember, if you don't pay much attention to the quality of your email subject lines, you can assume that your recipients will respond by not paying too much attention to your messages.

It's prudent to begin with some things you should avoid doing with your limo firm's marketing emails. Be aware that many people use spam filters to keep unwanted messages from filling up their inbox. If your subject line includes certain trigger words, they may not make it through the filters.  Refrain from using terms such as "percent off," "reminder" and "urgent," noted an article at Savvy Panda.

Write your email messages with an application that will keep track of the word count, such as a standard word processor. Aim to keep your subject lines to about 50 characters.

Your emails should instantly convey why you sent them and what value they bring to your recipients. If your messages are unclear, your subject line is likely to be confusing as well.

Subject lines should be eye-catching so recipients will click on them now instead of maybe getting to them later. Depending on what your message is about, you might ask a question or cite a statistic in the subject line. Anything relevant to pique their curiosity is bound to get you a better open rate.

Test Your Email Subject Lines

It's a good idea to test your various email subject lines on a periodic basis. Most automated email marketing applications have tools to help you quickly set up A/B testing.

You'll use the same email message for both tests, but will use a different subject line for each of them. This is useful for seeing how different segments of your mailing list will respond to offers and calls to action. You can compare the response rates across gender lines, age, ZIP code and so on. Your marketing team can help you with email software options and A/B testing.

Each member of DriveProfit's senior team of marketers has more than two decades in limousine marketing. We are focused on helping ground transportation service firm owners and operators maximize their promotional efforts. If you need some help with your limo firm's email messaging or if you would like to begin a new marketing project, please contact the experts at DriveProfit today.

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