How to Infuse Personalization Into Your Content Marketing Strategy

Posted on Apr 2nd 2019 under Marketing Tips

Back in the day, addressing someone we barely knew by their first name would have seemed strange. But today, in the digital era, it is surprising how significant a more personalized style of interaction can be.

Personalization has transformed the way companies engage with their audiences. Dale Carnegie once said that “a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” We feel special when companies and brands we do business with greet us by name in emails and even on their websites.

Statistically speaking, content personalization is used by approximately 85 percent of companies in their content marketing strategies. But by personalization, we mean more than simply capturing the visitor’s name and automatically using it in marketing materials. A personalized online experience is much more inviting and involves tailoring the experience to the user’s needs to help you make a real connection.

What does content personalization mean?

Delivering the right message to the right person at the right time seems to be the key to a successful marketing strategy. Content personalization is a technique that involves meeting your customer’s needs more efficiently and effectively, making interaction more personal and interesting, and consequently increasing customer satisfaction. Content personalization is like a shortcut that connects your audience with the relevant information more quickly, increasing your chances of converting the lead.

Content creates a direct connection between your business and your customer. Content personalization takes many forms – it can range from a short, targeted call to action, to complex landing pages. Personalizing content means using dynamic content on your web pages to make them more relevant to visitors based on what pages they have already visited, their location, demographics and the type of device they are using when navigating your website. Like a true friend, you show your customers what really matters to them.

A common type of personalized content is email. Through personalization and automated lead nurturing, you can target emails to the lead’s exact position in your sales funnel using relevant information such as the name or job title gathered on your website.

Check the infographic below to find out more about content personalization: How to Infuse Personalization Into Your Content Marketing Strategy 


In the transportation industry, personalizing the content that resonates with your customers can make the difference between success and failure.

The way you interact with your customers and how you manage their expectations is evolving in the wake of developing technologies in the industry. Chauffeured service and limo companies are challenged to keep up, innovate, create new experiences and connect with customers in the most positive way possible.

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