How to Manage Your Limousine Company's Brand Reputation Online

Your limousine company is only as good as its reputation. If someone has a poor opinion of your business, whether it is a problem with your vehicles, drivers, customer service or any of a myriad of potential issues, you stand to lose not only his or her business, but also potential business from individuals who see online complaints.

Making matters worse, if you aren't paying attention to how your reputation is faring online, you might not even see some of these complaints. You can count on other people seeing the bad news, though. Potential customers searching for limousines in your service area may very well wind up choosing one of your rivals who has a better online reputation.

On average, a dissatisfied customer will tell 25 friends about a company, but happy customers typically will only tell 15 friends, noted a recent article at Duct Tape Marketing. Your job is to manage your limousine company's brand online. If you are not comfortable managing you online reputation yourself, a team of marketing professionals will be able to assist you so you can focus on running your business.

Get at Least Five Reviews for Each Service Offering

When it comes to limousine marketing, good reviews are golden. We recommend that you get at least five reviews per offering.

When good reviews are in short supply, all you have to do is ask! Contact some of your most loyal customers and ask for them to write a short, honest review. If you don't get much success, consider offering loyal customers an incentive to provide a review, such as a coupon for a discount on the next ride.

Third Party-Verified Reviews Are Crucial

Obviously, just because someone writes something down, it doesn't make it true. However, the written word carries a lot of weight with people, especially those that lack a critical eye and don't do much comparative research when looking for a company.

This is why you will want to work with a third-party review verification service. You'll get qualified reviews from actual customers, which you can then use in your online and printed marketing materials.

The praise you get from a real customer will be much more valuable when you can show that it's legitimate. People are wary of marketing hype and have an incentive to disbelieve favorable reviews that seem phony.

Third party reviews involve letting the company verify a customer's contact information and the fact that he or she actually arranged services from your limousine company. The third party can ask on your behalf for permission to run the positive review.

Keep Communications Open

If you step up your limo marketing efforts but fail to keep the lines of communication open, you run the risk of angry customers feeling ignored when they make valid complaints.

You should have someone on your staff monitoring social media channels and websites for mentions of the name of your company every day. Otherwise, a customer with a legitimate gripe may feel ignored if you let it go too long before making a response.

When you read an unfavorable review online, such as in one of your social media channels, respond as soon as possible. Otherwise, you run the risk of looking like you are not engaged with your customers.

Taking steps to better manage your limousine company brand's reputation online may be one of the most important things you do this year for the health and long-term success of the business. Using a third-party review service, arranging for more useful reviews from happy customers and keeping the lines of communication open will go a long way toward improving how people regard your brand.

DriveProfit's senior marketing team has more than three decades of marketing experience and specializes in developing marketing programs for operators in the chauffeured transportation industry. If your limo marketing efforts are not getting the results you’d like to see, our team is standing by to help you boost your ROI. For details, please contact the professionals at DriveProfit today at 203.426.7780 or email us at

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Posted on Jul 02 2015

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How to Manage Your Limousine Company's Brand Reputation Online



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