How to Set Your Limousine Company's B2B Marketing Budget for 2016

Posted on Aug 27th 2015 under B2B Marketing

As you enjoy the last weeks of summer, it's time to start looking ahead to the coming year and work out your limousine marketing plans for 2016. You don't want to put this task off until the last minute, because a successful B2B marketing effort requires significant time and attention.

B2B marketing is a long game because many travel buyers and corporate travel managers typically need more time to do research into competing limousine businesses, gathering information to make a business case to use your company.

You should know how much money you can allocate to B2B outreach now instead of being surprised in the middle of 2016 when you're in the thick of marketing to new corporate customers. Your limousine marketing plans should rely on data that you've been collecting and analyzing throughout the year.

Stay on Top of Your Sales Funnel Data

Knowing the numbers from your limo company's sales funnel is of paramount importance, as any owner or operator can attest to. Be aware of such details as the number of visits to your website each month and the amount of leads they are currently generating.

How much does it cost to generate qualified leads, and how many of those leads wind up converting? When you know the average total lifetime of a customer, you can then figure out how much it costs to reach out to them when budgeting.

Know Your Limo Company's Operating Costs

You need to allocate a percentage of your operating costs to marketing, and not treat this as an afterthought.

Consider how much it would cost you to do the marketing in-house, and then compare this to what should be a lower amount if you outsource it to a third-party marketing firm (think DriveProfit) with experience in limousine marketing.

 Work out Business Goals and Base the Budget on Those Numbers

You shouldn't set up an arbitrary B2B marketing budget and then hope it will suffice to meet your strategic business objectives. Use the numbers from your analytics and update your company's business goals to help you set up your budget.

For example, if you want to boost the number of visitors coming in as organic traffic, you'll need to work with limousine marketing experts to optimize the company website for search engines.

It's a good thing that you are preparing for your limo marketing B2B budget so far in advance. You'll be confident, knowing your team has a solid game plan for 2016 to reach out to new customers. Your limo marketing efforts should neatly fall into place once you know how much time, money and other resources you'll be putting into limousine marketing next year.

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