How Your Limo Website Might Rank High Despite not Being Optimized

Posted on Jun 8th 2015 under inbound marketing

It takes a lot of work to develop a website for your limousine company, and then you have to continue developing it, updating the material to keep the site fresh for search engines. You also need to stay abreast of changes that search engines make in their algorithms, to make sure you can continue promoting your fleet of limos to customers looking for what you have to offer.

Search engine optimization or SEO is crucial for making sure your company will come up higher in the results when customers look for terms relating to your business. However, even when your site is not completely optimized, there are other factors that can influence higher rankings, noted a recent article at Quick Sprout.

This is by no means to say that you can do without SEO. It's just useful to know that other elements are in play besides SEO, and you should keep them in mind when promoting your limo firm.

Site Age

A major factor in the ranking of websites is their longevity. The majority of high-ranking sites have been up for at least a few years. One consequence of being online for a lengthy period is the sheer amount of material and links.

A site with similar size and links that launched yesterday will not do as well in the rankings as one that's several years old.

Click-Through Rate

Google calculates the click-through rate and expresses it as a percentage based on the number of clicks you get from the tally of people who are searching for the keywords you have achieved a high ranking for.

If you are getting a high percentage of the clicks in this area, Google will notice how popular your site is becoming. Google will then advance you in the search engine rankings.

Cross-Link Your Site's Pages

When you develop a rich, robust site with plenty of useful material, you will want to cross-link information to help your visitors.

So, when you have a blog post that refers to an older related blog post or that sends readers to a detail on your services page, Google interprets such links as valuable and will rank you higher, accordingly.

Excellent Content

Getting good results in search engines will not happen if you shovel in random content that is stuffed with limousine industry-related keywords.

If your site has not yet been optimized for search engines but you do provide excellent content on a consistent basis, Google's algorithm will take this into account and give you a boost in your rankings.

Healthy Growth

You can't really fake the development of a great new website. It has to happen organically. For this reason, you should avoid adding too many links to other sites (or internally with cross-links) at a time or posting too much content (no matter how excellent it is).

Google can tell if a site is growing at a "natural" rate or if the site's developer is trying to game the system by growing far too quickly, taking shortcuts.

Of course, you should be making your limo company's website with SEO in mind. But knowing the other factors that go into how Google ranks sites will give you special insight to help you triumph over your local competitors.

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