In SEO and Social Media, One Size Does Not Fit All

There are a lot of "products" in the SEO/social media world, promising better rankings, more traffic, warmer leads, etc. DriveProfit makes use of many of them as we build reputation and visibility for our clients. Tools and practices designed specifically to differentiate our clients from all the other "noise" in the marketplace.

When a prospective client comes to us, we are often asked is: "Can you work with Hubspot" (one of the most visible one- tool-does-all, type of product)? The answer is "yes of course we CAN" but we simply prefer not to.

Perhaps a better question is "what makes you different from Hubspot"? And, why your chauffeured transportation company should hire DriveProfit — or another independent social media marketing or digital agency and not a Hubspot- type of company or partner agency?

We think it is an important question to be asked and we do a good job of clearly defining and differentiating DriveProfit from the "one tool does it all" companies, which includes HubSpot.

Hubspot, which I will use to represent these types of companies, report great results and deliver fairly impressive results, if you subscribe to THEIR measurement parameters and metrics.

Truth be told, we considered becoming a HubSpot (as well as similar types of services) partner and had multiple demonstrations and discussions them. Like many companies operating in the "digital" space, we were intrigued by an all-in-one manage-your-web-site-and- manage-your-SEO solution, especially for a single monthly management fee.

We sampled the different tools, flirted with their metrics but ultimately decided that we should walk away . . . well, actually run away, and run as far away as we could.

Here's what made us decide to continue to run independently and not involve our clients in one-tool-does-it-all systems, and why we think that DriveProfit and our clients are better off without "them".

Using HubSpot as an example, let's look at how this type of product works.

First and foremost, at its core, Hubspot is a proprietary content management system (CMS).

In layman's terms, this means that everything built on HubSpot to optimize your website for the search engines (SEO) ends up making it virtually impossible for you to leave – because everything is controlled and centralized through Hubspot. All the SEO work you do, and have done previously, is not only not transportable, but you could be penalized to the point of starting from zero SEO again if you do manage to get out (which, if you google it, is nearly impossible, as attested to by many people on google trying to). Simply put, you are trapped by a tool that is supposed to be making online marketing management easier, not hold you hostage.

Everything you build is built on their platform. If you host your website on their servers, your SEO results or "juice" will be beneficial to Hubspot, rather than to your website.

You can, of course, choose not to host with them, but your website will still be tied tightly to the HubSpot platform, aka TRAPPED.

And we're now speaking with more and more small businesses struggling to leave Hubspot, finding nothing but a brick wall. We know of companies that have decided to walk away, but they've walked away with nothing. All their time, money and energy have been completely wasted. They are starting all over again.

Then there's the fact that Hubspot's tools and metrics are aggregated from their own proprietary tools. So, when you compare the results of your HubSpot activities with the results derived from other tools and metrics, you will find that they vary. How much? Think about the big three credit reporting companies and scores that are significantly different from one to the other. None of them are wrong, they simply measure things differently. I don't know about you, but I want to know exactly where DriveProfit's customers really stand, using non-aggregated, non-proprietary, industry standard measurements and benchmarks.

When DriveProfit builds your website, or social media pages, or any other digital content, it is yours. You have the addresses, passwords and tools to go wherever you want if we do not perform and deliver the results and ROI we have committed to: building, measuring and reporting YOUR social footprint.

If you DO decide to go with Hubspot over an independent company, be sure that you never plan on leaving, and make sure you use outside metrics to validate what is reported and fully understand how these tools' aggregate results.

Our motto has always been "let our work speak for us".

Much like the outside world, there are some people that like to rent, others want to own. Our clients are owners, able to hold us accountable for a real ROI and walk-away if they don't like what we are doing and bring everything with them; their websites, their meta tags, their content, etc., etc., etc.

When it comes to your and our names, reputations, and businesses, we believe that the ability to walk away is not optional. More importantly, you deserve the full-value for every dollar you spend not support a someone else's reputation or traffic.

It just doesn't make sense.

If we can help you with your website, social media or SEO, please feel free to call us toll free at 203-426-7780 or email us at

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Posted on Feb 02 2013

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In SEO and Social Media, One Size Does Not Fit All



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