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Posted on Dec 6th 2016 under Marketing Strategy

The quality of your marketing program — be it traditional, digital, or both – is the number one factor that will determine if your business will be a success or failure. The number one factor that will determine if your marketing is effective is your marketing message. Your marketing message MUST demonstrate the value of using your company's services over that of your competition. If it does, your business will prosper. If your marketing message does a poor job of demonstrating the value of your service, your business will fail.

Strong Words?

To be a successful businesses you must have marketing messages that show that they understand the fundamental truth about customers. All customers, whether they are B2B or B2C, care about the one thing – if I purchase this service, what’s in it for me? "What's in it for me" means, simply, What beneficial end result will I receive? And, will the benefit I receive from using this service be better than if I used a competing company?

Explaining to customers why your service will provide a customer the most desirable end result is the job of marketing, and it is not always easy.

You may say that customers should flock to you because you have developed a better service. Sorry, but that is not how customers work. The company that wins the most customers is the company with the most appealing marketing message for their mousetrap, not the one with a better mousetrap.

Simply put, the company with the marketing message that targets and appeals to what customers want, is the company that will win the most business.

Okay, so how do you show the value of your service in your marketing message? Here are some examples:

The wrong way: We offer great customer service.

The right way: We provide our customers with superior customer service by offering telephone help by our own staff 24/7 and we respond to all email within 2 hours.

The wrong way: We have a wide vehicle selection.

The right way: All of our vehicles are less than 2 years old and our fleet is 20% more energy efficient than all competing fleets. Over a 5 year period you will stop more than $3,000 going to buy foreign oil when you use our service instead of competing services.

The wrong way: We are always on-time for pick-ups.

The right way: A meticulously maintained, late model vehicle, driven by a professional chauffeur will be 15 minutes early, guaranteed.

The wrong way: We have wedding packages.

The right way: We have 10 all-inclusive wedding packages that include unlimited stops and pick-up locations, red carpet, “Just Married” sign, decoration (after ceremony), beer, soda, water and complimentary wine and champagne on ice for the Bride and Groom (after ceremony) starting at only $350.00 (or whatever price). And, if we do not have the exact package you need, we will create it for you at no extra cost.

As you can clearly see, successful marketing is all about offering the end result your target customers want the most.

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