How to keep your LinkedIn up to date in 5 easy steps

I don't think anyone would suggest that you and your company has to be on Facebook.  With 1.1 billion users, and the largest social media platform in the world, you would be foolish to ignore it.  However, there are other platforms that people use for information about companies, services, and new opportunities.

So in addition to Facebook, we recommend that you become active on LinkedIn. If you haven't realized it yet, LinkedIn is a powerful business tool.

Like any tool, it needs to be used properly and maintained.  You need to spruce up your profile and business page now and then so that you are putting your best foot forward and are positioned to reach the audience you are targeting.

Paying attention to your LinkedIn profile and page is paramount to getting the most out of what LinkedIn can do for you and your limo business.

Much like your vehicles, when they are dirty and poorly maintained, you risk your reputation as a premium provider and put an unnecessary strain on your fleet. Nevermind the increase in "lost business." Take the same approach — preventative maintenance – and LinkedIn will be well worth the effort you put in to keep your profile and pages running at peak performance.

Here are five easy, but very important, ways in which you can keep your LinkedIn presence up to date.

1.     Link Check

When all is said and done, the reason you have a LinkedIn profile, and the reason you post on this channel, is to get a prospective client to link through to your webpage to get more information and make a reservation with you

The first step is to check your links every other month and ensure they are all correct.  There is nothing more frustrating, to another LinkedIn user, to try to connect or read up more on you, and they encounter a block or "error" on the page.

2.     Company vs. Personal Page

With LinkedIn, you will have a personal page and may also create a company page.

When you have both, which we recommend, ensure they both mirror each other, regarding the information displayed and available.  Make sure the look and feel of both are similar, if not the same.  The images, the bios, the blurbs and the general way of posting, should all have the same style.

And, remember, LinkedIn is not Facebook!  Your posts should be professional, informative, and relevant.

3.     Brand It

When you started up your career, whether working for a limo company, or in any other industry, you probably had some level of branding.  Branding continues to be the #1 priority in your marketing arsenal, so make sure you keep your brand fresh and relevant. Remember, digital has changed marketing forever and adjusting your brand to work with multiple channels is important.

You don't need to make a drastic change, but little adjustments can make a big difference.  Just ensure you update your branding throughout all your platforms and website. They need to all look the same.

What worked in the 80's or 90's may not be working now.  So, take a hard look and give your brand — on LinkedIn and everywhere else — an update.

4.     Fresh and New

When your profile is all spick and span, take a look at your posts.  If they appear a bit too boring and mundane, then jazz them up a bit.  See what is trending and mirror that, with your flair and style.  The aim is for others to see you as the authority on the subject of limo's and limo services — and by extension, customer service and management – so brush up on your knowledge, and always try to stick to topics you are extremely familiar with, if not an expert.  Maybe you have a unique customer service training program that you can share, or perhaps you might provide a comparison of luxury vehicles and explain why you selected the equipment you have. If you by Grech buses, for example, let people know why it is superior equipment and not just a "bus."  Always take the time to explain not only the features but the benefits, of what you do and why you do it.

5.     Showcase Experience

Creating a diary or calendar of work you are busy with is a great idea, especially to remind yourself of how awesome your business is.  Brag about it, why don't you?  You don't have to be arrogant about it either.  Simply let the world know what great work you have kicked out, and you will be pleasantly surprised how many will congratulate you and even want to know how they can get some of that magic.

If you recently delivered an awesome experience for a client and they let you know how good they think you are, make sure you let people know.  Testimonials and reviews are a great way to promote your services, and you will find a happy customer will be very willing to give you the praise they think you deserve.

When it comes to "personal experience," people love personal stories, so sit down, think about how you got to where you are today, and give them a little insight into "who" you are.  Take your connections on a journey, and always give them something to contemplate, and hopefully, something they can use as motivation in their lives.

LinkedIn is a great business tool.  Don't let it go to waste.



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Posted on May 16 2017

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How to keep your LinkedIn up to date in 5 easy steps



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